Corker: More DNC And Progressive Projection

Bob Corker has claimed the GOP is like a 'cult' because they support Trump.

This is a remarkably false statement to make.

To even casual consumers of politics it was clear Trump is pretty much an outsider with little support.

He not only won the Presidency with most of the media basically looking to defeat him (and in the case of progressive publications after the election, to usurp and impeach him), he didn't even have the full support of his own party.

Even now Fox News personalities are essentially divided into pro and anti-Trump camps while the GOP continues to hold a tenuous relationship with him. Publications like NRO, for their part,  have not fully embraced the President.

In other words, there's no damn cult.

Contrast this to the progressive left during the Obama's tenure that went straight to creepy sycophancy. Chris Mattews probably still has a tingle up his leg and someone should check in on David Brooks to see if he's still 'impressed with Obama's pants'.  Or how about those refashioned American flags?

I don't recall any Democrats publicly challenging Obama either. They fell right into line.

I'm sorry Corker but call me when people start to do shit like this for Trump:

Not pretty, eh?

The truth? The GOP is everything the DNC 'talks' and 'wishes' it was.

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