The Virtuous Ignorants

I was thinking about the story of the owner of the Red Hen asking "politely" Sarah Huckabee Sanders leaving her restaurant and a couple of things became apparent to me.

The first was the unfortunate loss of common civility in a pluralist society. The progressive left talks a lot about 'civil' behaviour and discourse but don't seem to want to put into actual practice.

Another is sudden support for a private business owner to do as they see fit in their establishment. I say sudden because the left weren't all that supportive of Christian bakers not wanting to bake a cake for gay customers out of religious conviction. There, they were comfortable with the destruction of a person's livelihood because they didn't bow to the ideals of the left.

Then I read about how millennials would prefer to date a convicted felon than Donald Trump or that their socialist savior Bernie Sanders is a millionaire socialist or that a university professor had the unmitigated gall to insult our intelligence with this piece of outright retarded propaganda flouting truth on Venezuela or campus segregation.

To say nothing of companies jumping on the bandwagon.


They're calling for people to attack elected officials. How can this possibly end well for the DNC?

Over immigration?!

We knew the only place from their hysterics was eventually a call to outright violence and I can't see how what Sanders is asking isn't a subtle provoking idiots into violence.


This is when it hit me.

What drives these people is an over-inflated sense of their own virtuousness.

It permits them to pass judgment on what they perceive to be injustice and, well, just go bat shit over it because they have virtue in oozes. And don't expect them to consider the facts of a story so as to keep perspective thus keeping a measured response.

So, for example, with immigration, it doesn't matter that Obama deported a record number of illegal immigration (in of itself destructive for families). It's better to focus on one part of the story - Trump hates babies - so they can show how virtuous they are.

Hence, you get from the average WaPo comment 'Sanders deserved to be kicked out because she serves a liar who lacks compassion.'

See how easy that is?

Somehow I doubt if this involved an Obama appointee, they'd look at it that way. They'd be a little more nuanced I trust.

If you don't know the story of Barabbas you should. We're seeing a modern version of it play out. The people would prefer to let a 'notorious prisoner go - people who break the law (or date felons) -  as long as they stick to Trump thus leaving Jesus imprisoned.

'Give us Barrabbas!'

The virtuous are the persecutors. They're the censurers and confiscators.

I'm not saying Trump is Jesus.

What I'm saying is the moral compass used by the progressive left is broken.


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  1. Normal people:
    Self-righteously entitled egotists who dish it out but can't take it.


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