Zero Tolerance Madness In The United States Is Ruining Lives For Nothing

"Hundreds of people flooded an Escondido Union High School District board meeting Tuesday night, urging the district not to expel two San Pasqual High School students who were suspended in separate incidents after authorities found knives in their trucks parked in the campus lot.
The students — 18-year-old Brandon Cappelletti and 16-year-old Sam Serrato — are acquaintances who ran afoul of school officials on the same day and under similar circumstances.

Cappelletti — who has already enlisted in the Marine Corps, hoping to follow in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps — had been on a family fishing trip to Dixon Lake in early January and had brought along three knives to cut line and filet any fish he might catch. When it was time to head home, he tossed two of the knives into the console of his Ford Ranger and one in the tool box pushed behind his seat.

The knives were forgotten until a few weeks later, on Jan. 27, when security officials with drug-sniffing dogs were scanning the parking lot and the dog alerted on Cappelletti’s truck. He was summoned from class to unlock the vehicle, where officials discovered the knives and a bottle of Advil.

Cappelletti now faces expulsion, as does Serrato, an honor student and football standout, who had also brought Advil to school that day. When the dogs alerted to his GMC Yukon, officials found a pocketknife that his dad had tossed into the glove compartment."

Fucking ADVIL?

I suffer from migraines and always had a bottle with me in school. Is this story trying to tell me if I went to school in the United States my life would be ruined over a bottle of fucken Advil?

Are these people insane?

Is this sickening or what?

How are any of these public servants doing any good in this story?

I hope cooler and more sensible minds prevail in this absurd ordeal and it all works out for these guys.

Then they should sue the ass out of these assholes.

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  1. Methinks officials today are way too obsessed with "drug and alcohol abuse", "weapons", "sexual predators", "domestic violence"---and the like.
    The thing about obsessions, fixations, or even strong passions for that matter, is that those consumed with such start "seeing" whatever it is they're fixated on anywhere and everywhere they go---no matter how irrelevant the setting, circumstance, and situation is to their subject(s)-of-focus.


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