Information You Need To Know - Canada Biggest Producer Of Mustard Seed

I consider myself a pretty informed individual; at least above average. In a mediocre way.


Imagine my surprise when I discovered Canada is the biggest producer of mustard seed (with Saskatchewan being the largest) in the world.

This being a guy who loves mustard - and mustard related products - it was quite the revelation.

You usually associate mustard with Germany, the UK, France and the United States. Think Colman's, French's, Boar's Head, Maille, Keen's, Heinz etc. I just bought by pure luck Kozlik's mustard from Canada - which is delicious - yet it's not on the list in the link.

Which only reinforces my point I've been making that Canada is terrible at branding itself.

For the amount of fricken mustard seed we produce you'd think it would be as synonymous as maple syrup.

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