Migrant Backlash Mounting In Europe

Germany may have become irrelevant where military power is concerned and may be reluctant to exercise its political leverage at times relative to its strength but there are two areas where Germany is threatening Europe.

One, is its aggressive stance against Greece via its banks. I never was one to think Greece and its tiny, corrupt, spendthrift, mostly non-industrialized, tourist-food based and insignificant economy could sink the EU. German banks, on the other hand, they can do major damage including armed hostilities. Two, Angela Merkel's absolutely bizarre if not irresponsible decision to allow 1.1 million migrants invade Germany. It's the great crossing of the limes of our times. Except this feels more like the Moors incursion into Europe than the Germanic tribes crossing the limes into Roman civilization.

Moreover, her arrogance into forcing other Europeans take in migrants based on her orders.

Germany isn't the only country to have insidiously open its doors so willingly buying into the refugee claim like useful idiots. Sweden and Norway in particular reign supreme on such policies. 

At this time, eastern Europe and citizens in Western Europe are mobilizing as the anti-migrant, anti-Merkel sentiment grows.

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