Souad Faress And CPS In UK Conspire To Accuse And Arrest Innocent Man

Looks like the accusers are becoming the criminals now encouraged by a criminal justice system that is increasingly losing its mind. In the UK at least.

Here comes the appalling story of Mark Pearson who was accused of 'public rape' by Game of Thrones actress Souad Faress.

Video evidence plainly shows no such rape took place and it took a jury 90 minutes too acquit. Which brings into question what kind of an unstable, lying, miscreant is Faress? I didn't want to say 'cunt'.

Oh, and this priceless gem from CPS (Crown Prosecution Service):

"A CPS spokesman said: "There was sufficient evidence for this case to proceed to court and progress to trial. We respect the decision of the jury."

Go fuck yourself CPS.


Are we safe here in North America?

Judging from what I observe, I wouldn't be so sure.

This is why what's happening on campuses in North America is so important where rape and free speech are concerned. One can view what is going on across campuses as a flair or warning signal for society at large. From safe spaces to trigger warnings to false rape narrative, this is a tone and development that is not healthy. One can further argue 'society will deal with them' but if law enforcement begins to increasingly accost and harass 'society' then all that's left is the law itself for the innocent.

And even then, things are not looking good. Witness businesses being shut down or fined for not baking cakes - as is their right - for gay couples.

Alas, recall these activists students will be part of our future.

If this be equality, it's a grotesque version of it and I want no part of it. It's nothing but aggression and coercion disguised as 'progress'.

It's putting sauce on a rotten steak. It's applying cologne to a stinking body.

Until everyone takes a deep breath and recover its basic over all rational senses the accuser will continue to act with impunity as this special species knows it comes without consequences.

A society can't keep ruining innocent lives - particularly of young males - and not expect some form of unintended consequences to the madness.

What will be the tipping point? What card will they overplay? 



  1. Slap on the wrist as usual.

    I hope her "assailant" can get on with his life.

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