Lowe's Bid For Ro-Na: Fighting The Inevitable For Looks

'We're losing our capacity to make decisions!' says PQ-PKP.

Blah, blah.

Something about yelling at clouds and foregone conclusions.

Legault of the CAQ, for his part, continues to supremely disappoint me as his comments about Lowe's bid left me nodding my head.

Here's a sum up of Lowe's take over of Ro-Na.

C'est la vie where free-enterprise is concerned.

Businesses across national borders buy each other up.

I don't seem to recall nationalists caring too much when Jean-Coutu attempted his incursion into the United States. In fact, it was spun as a model of Quebec success. Blah, blah.

Conversely, the Americans didn't make a stink of it.

Yet, here we are. Making a Federal case with a provincial mind about a natural business activity.

Reminds me how we're allowed to incessantly poke fun of the rest of Canada but the second they return the favor la fin du monde!

In the end, Lowe's will enhance the customer experience. 

Notice how competitive the industry is and that when a giant like Lowe's comes in it shakes things up. It forces other companies to rethink their strategies.

This is healthy as it prevents anyone from being complacent like you see in other industries that are monopolies.

Ro-Na has roots here and it certainly is too bad but they've already been bought out in parts by Marcil. They can't stay afloat anymore and Lowe's entrance into the Quebec market is a good thing.

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