Apple Is Right But Will Lose Because Terrorism

I'm just gonna weigh in briefly with the FBI asking Apple to unlock phone data used by the San Bernardino shooters. Apple has refused to do so citing, rightly, privacy issues and the precedent this may send.

And they are correct.

It's not a 'one time' thing because once that door opens, the flood gates are compromised. Law enforcement will be able to access ANY iPhone at ANY time under ANY circumstance or ANY excuse or ANY justification they come up with.

You're not consenting on a one time deal. You're consenting to the FBI potentially having access - when they want it - to millions upon millions of records. 

It's absurd and if you care about your personal freedom and can't see how dangerous, if not absurd, this is, you've bought the 'but terrorists!' bit.

Why would you give the Federal government more ammunition?

I can just imagine how many innocent people they're going to bully and even arrest.

Support Apple.

Plain and simple.


  1. The authorities can often be just as extortive as the violent criminal types they're supposed to be "protecting" us from.

  2. It's amazing how close their tactics mirror the mafia.

  3. I disagree with your support of Apple because Apple could (and should) offer a compromise: let Apple retrieve the data and turn it over to the FBI. Should resolve the problem. I do think there is no pending threat to the public (there were the FBI would have asked for this a long time ago). As to the tactics vis a vis the Mafia, all governments use fear and force, just like the Mafia, to keep the public in line.

  4. I get that point but I'm worried about the 'slippery slope' and all the potential abuse that can come with it.


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