Broncos Take Out Panthers

I notice the Super Bowl MVP was Von Miller of the Denver Broncos - although I think you could have given it to the entire Broncos defense and defensive coordinator Wade Phillips. Quite the impressive performance. Like they harassed Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, the defense stopped Cam Newton cold. Truth is, Manning, like in the Pats game, didn't have to carry the team. Heck, they could have had Tim Tebow in as QB and they probably still would have won.

Anyway. I'm sure Spike Lee approves given Miller is black.

For the heck of it, since everyone is all so jacked on race, I went to look at past MVP winners. Here's a tidbit I'm sure you all we appreciate and make part of your dinner discourse. 20 of 50 Super Bowl MVP awards have gone to blacks. Has you life changed?

White people should just give back those awards because...bah.

Speaking of racial injustice nonsense here's Kmele Foster on Fox setting some perspective on the issue put forth:

Twenty percent of the wins in the ‘Best Actor’ category, for example, have gone to black actors. Blacks are not 20% of the population; they’re around 13% of the population...12.4% of the nominations have gone to black actors...

I don’t doubt the sentiment here. I don’t doubt that people are concerned about this issue. I don’t doubt that you’re sincere in your concern about this issue. What I’m suggesting to you is that when I look at the actual facts here—the data—since 2000 to today, that across various categories, the fact of the matter is that blacks, relative to their percentage of the population, have been over-represented in some sense, not under-represented.

And it’s important to acknowledge that because regardless of who’s doing the nominating, it’s a ‘fair’ outcome.”


Bernie Sanders tweets: "If I'm President no QB will be permitted to win more than one Super Bowl!"

And: "No team needs to have more than one championship!"


It was Denver's third Super Bowl title. They join Pittsburgh, Dallas and New England for most appearances in the finals with eight.


Manning thanked Budweiser at one point. I didn't hear Ari Fleischer being thanked.

Sounds like Fleischer and Manning love the PI goon method.


Overall, the game was about Denver's defense. Little else.


A quibble:

One thing the NHL has on all other sports is the presentation of The Stanley Cup ceremony. There's nothing better in North American pro sports. And one of its strengths is the fact the cup is handed from the commissioner into the hands of the winning team's captain unlike the NFL where the Vince Lombardi trophy is given to the owner, an executive and the coach before the players.

Seems to me, it should be the players.


  1. Good thing the Broncos won.
    I read (or heard) somewhere that Manning "was considering retiring from Pro Football if the Broncos lost". I don't know if that's true or just hearsay.
    But it see an attitude like that as being a bit egotistic and narcissistic. Why would Manning feel "responsible" for the team he plays on losing? It's the "Denver Broncos", not the "Denver Mannings". He is but one of the team's current members. His presence on the team is integral.
    Plus: The fact that both teams were good enough to be in the Superbowl implies each one is, currently, an exceptional one to be eligible in the first place. And that whoever wins or lose is a mere matter of happenstance.
    For Manning to hold himself "personally responsible" should the Broncos have lost would be vaingloriously absurd on his part.
    Quit a multi-million-dollar position on a professional NFL team to ...what? ...go back to a "day job" ...driving a truck for FedEx ...or whatever ...???
    There's something irrational about the way a lot of well-knowns think and reason. But I can't quite put my finger on it.

  2. I agree. This SB had little to do with Manning and everything to do with that incredible Broncos defense harassing Newton into irrelevance. Quite the epic performance. Manning kissing Papa John was weird to boot.


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