Put An End To Government Registries And Databases

"The prosecution said that investigators recovered 210 "hentai" files from a hard drive, as well as 501 web addresses from Tremblay's browser history. Crown prosecutor Nathalie Leroux argued, "Whether it's a cartoon image or a photograph, any representation of underage people's genitals is illegal under the Criminal Code."
Quebec court judge Bernard Lemieux sentenced Tremblay to 60 days in prison. As a result of his conviction, Tremblay must register as a sex offender for 10 years. "

Know what I find fascinating? There is no 'drunk driver' registry.

This guy has to register as a sex offender for 10 years (which is ridiculous) but a drunk driver with repeated offenses not only usually gets off with light sentence but doesn't have to register as a 'drunk driver for 10 years'. 

Fascinating given driving while impaired can lead to deaths of innocent people.

In either case, I'm no fan of databases. More often than not, the system will abuse it and end up with a huge list of names that don't belong in them.

And the situation is worse in the USA. The Americans have lost their minds when it comes to sex offenders.

No registries of any kind (including guns. Yes, guns) if you cherish liberty on any level. Unless if it's for your wife's wedding of course.

The trade off is potentially not worth it. That is, you put someone on the list who is clearly not a menace and ruin their life.

For what? For watching a cartoon?

That's not a progressive society. That's a misguided one.


  1. I think there should be a registry for Identity Theft.
    And for anything related to gang violence.
    Make the laws equitable, I say, if you're going to have registries at all.

    1. Which only goes to show it's all arbitrary.

    2. Societies need their "red herrings" as the actual underlying problems are either too overwhelming for them to actually solve, or they're just too lazy or unwilling, for whatever reasons, to address those problems.
      But, in order to come across as a system "in control of" things, they have to resort to a sort of "invent-an-issue" strategy so as to not "lose face" with the average Joe/Jane who would still believe in "the system".


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