Thoughts On Greece

For the sake of sanity, perhaps it's best Greece goes back to the drachma.

Greece is a cautionary tale of a non-industrial nation may not be a good fit for the EU. The thinking was/is by joining the EU countries like Greece would have a chance to develop and expand their industrial base while gaining access to a gigantic market for its goods and services.

But it didn't necessarily work this way. Corruption, mismanagement, indifference simply, it looks like anyway, over-whelmed entrepreneurship and innovation.

Now the country is completely frozen.

It's easy to attack Greece's welfare decadence and sloth behavior but Germany's aggression through its banks are no bother. Germany tends to be an over praised country yet it often causes grief among its neighbors. Its sudden no-nonsense stance against Greece can lead to quite a stand-off as the Greeks are not going to go without a fight.

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