Montreal Taxi Drivers Assault And Damage Uber Driver's Property

What a disgusting and shameful display by Montreal Taxi drivers today.

And this is not the first time they act like violent thugs.

One in which I hope they will face consequences for their despicable actions.

They get zero sympathy from me.

As for Benoit Jugand and his 'Uber are drug pushers' analogy all I can say is Uber is going to win this war so get used to it.

The way I see it Taxis should pressure the government to rescind the extortion racket of charging for taxis licenses and permits. If anything, they should align with Uber and once they succeed in deregulating the industry by getting rid of a monopoly with superficial barriers to entry they then have to COMPETE with Uber in a free and open market.

Consumers want Uber. It's a unique service and one in which obviously fills a demand.

Taxis are so 1970s and if they don't smarten up, they will be left in the dust.

Oh, Benoit this is for you.

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