What Good Are Values If You Selectively Observe Them?

Useful idiots come in different shapes, colors and sizes.

"Conrad, who is not Muslim, had donned the scarf to show support for a Muslim friend at Normandale Community College in Bloomington.

Such acts of “hijab solidarity” are on the rise.

World Hijab Day, a global event inviting people of all faiths to post pictures of themselves in a hijab on social media, is gathering steam. It was at a World Hijab Day event at Normandale — one of several such events held at Minnesota colleges in early February — that Conrad first tried on a hijab."

Yeh, I don't see the point of this.

No wonder our newest immigrants seem to think that they don't need to change. There seems to be a settling thinking where, instead, all the host nation should accommodate them in whatever manner they feel necessary.

When Westerners go to Muslim countries we obey Muslim traditions, correct?

But when Muslims come to Western countries we still obey Muslim traditions.

See Italy bending over for the Iranian leader.

It seems to me that if the president of Iran whines about nude marble statues (I would love to see his sexual habits in private), the proper response, I think, would be to to tell him women representing our government will sport a hijab in the event they go to Iran.

I don't understand how we have to bend both ways. We seem to want to exert secularism over our own citizens but when it comes to the head of a theocracy, we think we're being 'respectful' by not exerting those same values where they're concerned.

It's absurd and is a clear example of useful idiots running the show.

Italy should have said, 'oh, that's too bad. Maybe you should rethink your position and come back another time.'

I understand Italy wants to do business with Iran but at what cost and price?


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