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What in the hell?

If governments are taking the time to explain to migrant men that rape is not acceptable, then I would think the problem runs a little deeper than we care to admit. From Rotherdam to Cologne to Sweden and Norway's rape crisis, there's something going on and it's not good.


We're safe here you say? I wouldn't be so sure.

This has nothing to do with the migrants per se but it's worth noting because it was barely mentioned in the local news (I originally found it on Live Leaks) and was picked up by The Rebel.

I contacted CTV Montreal to ask why they didn't even report it (I would think raping children by a non-resident is important) but didn't get a response as of yet.

Of course, CTV finds space for inconsequential assholes like Kanye West and the Whoredashians. 

Muslim man who rapes 10 year-olds? Not so much.


Just go to youtube or Liveleaks and look for yourself. Citizens across Europe are uploading live footage of these so-called 'refugees'. Through these citizen reports, we're seeing the truth.

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