We're All Gonna Wear Gas Masks If We Don't Do Something

Ontario and Quebec, Canada's post-derp societies, have joined California as the only jurisdictions to join a cap and trade scheme. 

A scheme really designed for those who will make a buck off it (your Al Gore's of this world - remember, the scarier the better) and to extort more money from taxpayers. All under the wonderful guise of protecting the environment for Gaia.

A scheme that will have a negligible impact on carbon emissions (ironic the more we use the better we live; the greener the planet but why let facts get in the way of a good spooky narrative, right?).

All based on an irrational fear of fossil fuels - and nuclear energy. Germany, Spain and England learned ignoring reality isn't such a fine idea. Yet, here we are in Quebec and Ontario undertaking this ridiculous path.

We have what we need but instead lets threaten growth and potentially harm citizens with an idea that, at its root, has been a false premised all along. We should be proud - yes proud - as a species what we've accomplished thus far. We've never been wealthier and healthier in the history of mankind, no matter how you parse the stats. Yet, the left has this bizarre end of world fetish.

They're like religious creationists only their, well, climate creationists.

But hey, we have to do something. Including calling for the arrest of 'deniers' like me.

I'd rather be on this side than the this one.

As much as I loathe Harper's social policies on crime, I think he's bang on with climate change.

What can I say? Arrest me you psychos.


As for Quebec, things are not good here.

At all.

Have a look at the results from Abacus Insider for 2014. Quebec never seems to do well.

But let's hitch our ride to the future on a movement spearheaded by the likes of Erlich, McKibben, Hansen and Suzuki.

Smart policy indeed.


  1. I remember back in the 1970s there were cartoons in magazines such as The Mother Earth News that showed people wearing gas masks (due to pollution, etc.) in the near future as they went about their everyday activities. Like other hysteria of the time, those visions didn't pan out.

    1. The biggest concern at this point is the fact this 'movement'; this cult, has decided to up the ante and switch over to 'system change' because capitalism has been identified as the culprit. Moreover and equally disturbing, I read too many article on the left demanding 'deniers' be put in prison.

      All for hysteria.

  2. Oh yes, if you're a "denier", you're basically a Nazi.


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