Baltimore Burning

Like most people, I'm watching and reading the events of what's going on in Baltimore.

Nothing says justice like burning down CVS's and Senior centers and your community.

Just as much as police excessive force is problematic (across the continent), politicians and their irresponsible rhetoric whenever something like this happens from the Mayor of Baltimore to the U.S. Attorney-General right up to the President and all the parasitical opportunists like Sharpton. They still repeat the same tired cliches about who to blame - hint white people - never once acknowledging cities like Baltimore (as The Wire showed so well) and St. Louis power base has been black and Democrat for decades.

The 'fight the power' class are miserable, morally bankrupted failures.



David A. Clarke, Jr. @SheriffClarke

http://dailycaller.com/2015/04/27/omalley-on-baltimore-riots-we-must-come-together-to-transform-this-moment-of-loss  I am tired of this mealy-mouth crap from politicians. They cause the conditions for a permanent underclass in America
Courtesy of the Democrat party.
Baltimore has been run by progressives and weath redistributers as mentioned above. You'd think the good folks of Maryland would, you know, CHANGE party.
Something worth noting. According to the FBI, Maryland ranks as 43rd safest state despite its Canadian-like gun control laws. The more 'peaceful' states have constitutional carry.

Also, notice, where - for the most part- police are most violent - NY, LA, St.L, Baltimore, Chicago. Notice something?

It all adds up to dead kids and Korean shops being burned down.


If anyone remembers The Wire, it's both apparent and appalling how leadership failed that city.

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