Daily Round Up

I'm waaaayyyyy behind. So let's do this.

England is shocked - Shocked I tell you! - to find they still have...racism in soccer!

"In total, Kick it Out's research estimates there have been 134,000 discriminatory posts this season, and 39,000 of these directed towards Premier League players.

English football has long prided itself on its anti-racism policies, contrasting them with what has often been seen as a less enlightened approach in other European countries where racist chanting against black players during matches -- something no longer commonplace in England -- still takes place."

If you call hyper-PC legislation 'enlighten' then England is more derpy than first thought.

Anyway. This, one would think, would make headlines on ESPN (since they absolutely love racial stories) but it didn't. Instead we got:


Zelalem No. 3 in Prem prospect rankings

Had this taken place in Italy, trust me, it would have made the headlines. It fits the stereotype perfectly.


PREDICTION: The government will one day outlaw crowdsourcing.


Oh, Obama, won't you cry for me, I come from Alabama with a banjo on my knee...

"Obama wants to go in the opposite direction: His 2014 budget called for increasing the estate tax rate to 45 percent and lowering the exemption to $3.5 million. Again, he pitches this as a story of the wealthy versus average taxpayers. But if you peek behind the curtain of populist rhetoric, you see plenty of big money, heavy lobbying, and hypocrisy on the side of the death-taxers.

Consistently, about two-thirds of Americans tell pollsters that they oppose the death tax. The Family Business Coalition has brought together dozens of groups this year to advocate repeal of the death tax, groups as widely diverse as the National Council of Farm Cooperatives, the National Black Chamber of Commerce, and the Association for Hose and Accessories Distribution."


'It's a woman's turn!' says the progressive.

Ok. Carly Fiona.

'Not that one!" says the progressive. 


Oh look. Hypocrisy on Earth Day.

This is my shocked face.

Say what you want. But reports on Tea Party gatherings showed they left the place spotless.


Fight (perceived) discrimination with...discrimination!

"A feminist activist has opened a store in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that will charge men more than women to protest the “wage gap” she believes is badly hurting women in the United States.
The store, which will only be operating in Pittsburgh from April 1 until April 30, is called “76<100 i="">."

Fight fire with with fire! Eye for an eye!  


In the 'Sigh. Environmentalist Were Wrong...Again' file:

Fracking not so nerve-wracking.

Of course, this is GREAT news. Only not for the environmentalists. After all, it's not really about nature, now is it, right?

System change was it?


The criminal arrogance of Hillary Clinton.


"Dominican Republic FA president Osiris Guzman compared the Swiss to iconic historical figures, also including Moses, Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King.

"Membership is sending a message that we continue to support Blatter," said Concafaf president Jeffrey Webb. "

There are some really scary people in positions of power everywhere in the world.


Let's recall that this guy Mumia abu-Jamal is a despicable human being who killed a cop in cold blood.

Now this is how teachers spin it.

They lack a moral compass.

And are frighteningly stupid.


Speaking of stupid;

In his defense, black hole is more appropriate than white dwarf.


Sometimes in life you just have to tell someone to 'suck my dick'.

Hey, Adam Weinstein, you degenerate, suck my dick.

Any person who calls for the arrest of people who hold a different opinion (in this case it happens to be the correct one), can fuck off and die.

You can throw all the stats you want at these brain-dead-bird brain (with apologies to birds) cultists and it won't make a difference. They believe in their 'science'. They invested too much of their intellectual currency (what little of it they possessed) and won't look to divest. The fact they want 'deniers' thrown in prison only points they're losing the plot and need to rely on the age old progressive tactic of demanding coercion whenever the masses don't go along with their faulty narratives rooted in false premises.

How can you possibly wrestle with these psychos in good faith?

Unfortunately, they've gotten away with shit like this and continue to. Won't surprise me one bit if some douche bag left-wing politician jumps on this depraved track.

They're just authoritarians at heart. They want you to toe their line.

I have little if no regard for progressive (particularly the modern version and not to be confused with old-liberalism) thought. Effen parasitical, intolerant, self-righteous, know-it-all-know-nothing, overly-sensitive, coercive malcontents and sowers of discord and mowers of reason. 

/raises middle finger.


Speaking of idiotic lefties. Garry Trudeau. I must confess, as a huge comic fan, I never got pulled in by Doonesbury. Like ever. I would read it and just be left with a huge 'meh'.

Now I know why. Trudeau really is a humorless, progressive with stale thoughts and ideas.

Trudeau isn't the exception. He's very much the rule. This is the face of the modern left. His recent comments about Charlie Hebdo (keep bashing and piling on murdered people you assholes) and how they 'crossed the line.' Whatever the fuck that means. Hey, Garry. If I draw a picture of you getting sodomized by ISIS terrorists while you blame the GOP is that 'going over the line'.

“Free speech... becomes its own kind of fanaticism,” Trudeau also reportedly said, adding that the job of satirists is to punch up, not punch down. Trudeau was presumably talking about Hebdo’s mocking of Islam, which of course led two terrorists to assassinate the editor in chief and several other cartoonists."

Of course, there was no shortage of diphitted morons describing this verbal diarrhea as being 'wise' and whatever else. You can read more about this coward's vacuous nonsense here.
And here.

Free speech can't be fanatical but if it is...good.

If it pisses off the Gary Trudeau's of this world all I can do is raise a glass and salute the gods.


Social Justice Warriors are bullies?

No! You lie!

/runs to couch buries head in pillow and sobs.

I can just picture an SJW clown bullying students on campus and then head off to the local elementary school to talk about how bad bullies are.

Takes one to know one.


Anti-libertarian nonsense.


It's astonishing really how dark the left's soul is.

See Cuba before American investors ruin it:  

Because Havana is in such great shape. Get the fuck out of here you asshole. I've been to Cuba and all I saw was fucking misery behind the smiles. Difference between you and me is I'm honest about it and don't harbor any ideological and romantic bull shit that clouds my judgment.

But this is very much in the left-wing mentality. Defend an obvious evil because the west...and crusades...and capitalism.

They are Luddites and Jacobins rolled into one to make a whole new kind of stupid reactionary.


Don't know these people know what's good for them?

But I don't sympathize with Californians. They ask for the state's big bad ass cock up their asses? Deal with it.


Adam Weinstein's wet dream:

"...This prompts the villain to tell the crowd, “It’s alright, everypony. This is a perfectly normal part of the equalization process for those who haven’t…quite seen the light yet.” She then has the ponies escorted back into jail after saying, “We’ll try again tomorrow once you”—at this point the camera switches to first-person perspective, as if Starlight Glimmer is talking directly to the viewer—“have had a bit more time to consider our philosophy.”

I mean. I can just see him cumming with envy. He would love nothing more than to be Starlight Glimmer.

Yes, folks. Fighting progressive tyranny has come to this. Using My Little Pony.

Did I mention Obama's 'nuanced' foreign policy is working like a charm?

BBC News (World)         @BBCWorld
Iran's supreme leader @Khamenei_ir responds to , saying they don't guarantee final agreement https://twitter.com/khamenei_ir/status/586099967913242624 

And Assad is an ally of Iran kids.

In September 2014 he declared Yemen a 'success' story.

Saudi Arabia's air force is pounding Yemen at the moment as a humanitarian crisis unfolds.


Someone told me it's 'easy to pick holes in Obama's policies.'

No shit.

Other than that. I argued one could have said the same for Bush. But you know, that was different.

At this point, whatever the Obama Doctrine was supposed to be lies in complete confusion.

Also. Notice how the deal to have a deal with Iran is stalled.


Are white republicans more racist than white democrats?

Guess. The gap is not as wide as you may think.


Democrats have taken to describing the party as 'pro freedom'.

Is Obamacare mandatory?


The face of a Luddite.

Mark Ruffalo.

Meh. I like to attach faces to irrational and ideological causes.

Besides, the fanatical Luddites liked to smash things. Like Hulk.



This is disturbing.

I think it's time Democrats answer for this. Didn't Debbie Wasserman-Schultz recently claim it was okay to terminate a 7 pound baby or something to the effect?

I find it interesting they don't mind killing innocent babies but consider capital punishment - say for Tsarnaev - to be barbaric.

Wasserman is definitely a loon - and she's a leftist Democrat.


Workers that were affected by the shutdown by the WSJ.


Why communism and socialism  sucks reason 595996696 (as if you needed more proof).


I'd like to mention something about 'communism'. What we're discussing is political communism. Humans naturally are 'communistic'. What's rejected is coerced 'communism' which is basically robbing from one person to give to another under the guise of 'equality'.

That shit is pure evil.


The person The Atlantic insidiously called 'America's foremost intellectual' (paraphrased) seems to forgotten to pay her fair share.

Twitchy reminds us of typical progressive hypocrisy.


Get a load of this girl who lashed out at a company who didn't hire her.

I think she proved the point they made the right choice in not going with her.

The sense of arrogant entitlement is palpable.

Trigger warning. Extreme derp.

"You clearly are too stupid to realize who you just turned down. You clearly don't understand that I am going to change the world, and I'll be damned if I let you stop me. Now get the hell out of my way while I find somebody worthy of my time and abilities."


Ouch. Now this is brutal.

The compassionate system we have at work.


It's amazing how many environmental activities are A) based on false premises and B) coercive in nature. Probably because the action is faulty to begin with.

A good one worth reposting:


  1. A store that charges male customers more than female customers to compensate for the "wage gap" between men and women...

    What about the unemployed?
    ...or what about men who are minimum-wage earners vs. upper-middle-class professional women?
    Do any customers get to fill out a form stating their amount of income for a given period-of-time?

    A bit assuming on the part of that business, no?

    1. The left is all about presumption and projection. They take a stat that on the surface supports their views and they emotionally run with it. Good luck, at that point, putting the statistics in proper perspective. After all, don't want to ruin a perfectly good narrative of blaming white privilege and rigged systems with all those micro aggressions.


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