Quote Of The Day: Arrogance Of Man

 "If the worst-case scenario about climate change , all the worst predictions, if they never materialize, what will be the harm that is done from having made the decision to respond to it? We would actually leave our air cleaner. We would leave our water cleaner. We would actually make our food supply secure. Our populations would be healthier because of fewer particulates of pollution in the air - less cost to health care. Those are the things that would happen if we happen to be wrong and we responded." John Kerry.

This is not rational.

This is arrogance.

The harm would be devastating since the response (and it really isn't much of a response) they propose over hauling our economy and setting it back decades for it. You reduce our use of fossil fuels and it's all but guaranteed the opposite of what he's babbling on about will happen because the alternatives (wind and solar) are unreliable and can't produce enough energy for the world's population.

Go take a closer look at what happened in Germany and Spain. It's a disaster - and lives were lost. Imagine taking this failed model onto a greater scale? I'll let you imagine that.

Of course, nuclear energy is about as clean and sound as one can get but the lefties irrationally live in fear of it.

Other than that, it's bull shit.

Honestly. Re-read what he's spewing (including his boss Obama) in that emotionally driven drivel infested collection of gibberish.

Not only is he begging for action he unwittingly admitted they don't know for certain (so much for settled science) about, well, anything.

You want to take a chance on what amounts to a distorted take on the precautionary principle?

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