On Liberty: A Contrast In Two Societies

In the U.S. these days, people over react - quite irrationally - to anything and everything they perceive to be a threat to their world view. E.g. bakers and pizzeria joints who hold different views (ie Christian - which is a no-no in the over-charged, hysterical anti-Christian multicultural corner) and states that enact laws that offend certain people as we saw in Arizona with its immigration law and recently in Indiana.

In each case, the reaction harken more to Salem than they anything remotely to do with justice or equality.

It's not the baker or the legislators acting like fascists. They're exercising their rights.

It's the protestors who demand we all think alike who behave like fascists.

They're the extremists. And quite frankly, if we truly believe in liberty we need to challenge their positions at every single turn.

In Quebec, by contrast, where there's absolutely no impulse for individual liberty as a concept, a company or civil servant can refuse to serve a person in their language (the dreaded English) and no one bat's an eye.

We just accept this nonsense.

North America needs to find that equilibrium when it comes to such issues from where I sit. The Americans are too hyper and the Canadians too apathetic.



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  2. They won't serve you if you only speak English (instead of French)?
    Simple solution: Declare the English language a form of religion.
    Then when you're refused service sue on the grounds of "religious discrimination".

  3. The average Quebecer is not foolish if not without class. The civil service and nationalists on the other hand can be...problematic.


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