Daily Round Up: Extra Derp Edition

Two platforms. 


The psycho crazies in the SJW camp are getting louder and dumber in their lies.

'Paul Nungesser, the Columbia University student accused of raping fellow student Emma Sulkowicz, is now suing the university for doing nothing to stop Sulkowicz's harassment campaign against him, which he claims "effectively destroyed" his college experience, reputation, and future career prospects. His lawsuit contains a wealth of new information about the contested sexual assault, including dozens of messages establishing Sulkowicz's sexual "yearning" for Nungesser, which she sent to him both before and after the alleged incident.  

Sulkowicz and Nungesser initially became friends at Columbia, developing an intimate relationship that involved several sexual encounters and frequent discussions of sex and relationships. Eventually, she accused him of choking, attacking, and anally raping her. Nungesser was cleared by Columbia's sexual assault adjudication process (the police later declined to pursue charges, citing a lack of probable suspicion), which prompted Sulkowicz to go public with her claims and start carrying her mattress everywhere she went as a form of protest against what she viewed as a miscarriage of justice. She became something of a spokesperson for rape victims

Sulkowicz broached several sexual topics with Nungesser: she talked to him about whether her boyfriend was using protection (with her, and with the other women he was sleeping with at the time), she asked Nungesser whether he was dating or sleeping with anyone, and she implied an interest in anal sex (she texted him “fuck me in the butt”). After Nungesser and Sulkowicz began sleeping together, the lawsuit asserts that Sulkowicz “asked Paul to engage in anal sex with her.”

Ah. This is how she defines rape.

Moreover, now she explains it was art.

"Visual arts professor Jon Kessler, named as a defendant in the case, approved the “Mattress Project” for college credit. “Carrying around your university bed — which was also the site of your rape — is an amazingly significant and poignant and powerful symbol,” he told the Columbia Spectator. Nungesser says the project and resultant publicity have harmed his career prospects; Sulkowicz counters that “really it’s just an artistic expression of the personal trauma I’ve experienced at Columbia.”

No it wasn't. It was infantile as it was vapid as it was retarded. All it did was add to a false narrative.

I hope the Kraut takes them to the cleaners.

Knowingly falsifying your story to fit a narrative that ruins a life is pretty much as close to evil as you can get - and we're seeing way too much of this as we've seen with UVA and Duke Lacrosse.

Pond scum these sociopaths.

It's Salem 2.0.


Map of countries that acknowledge the Armenian genocide.

Only 23 countries have recognized it.

I get why the USA is playing it coy given their strategic relationship with Turkey.

Canada, for its part, recognizes the genocide as it ought to.


Speaking of the Armenian genocide - and it was - I watched  a news report about the Armenian genocide with my wife and her mother. It was a one-sided piece where they interviewed a 102 year-old women who witnesses the event and various members of the Armenian community who remembered 1915. All fair enough - even though I would have preferred some Turkish perspectives. But that's not what irked me. What bothered me was the reported inserting herself in the report as we saw her rubbing the old ladies hands.

The exchange went something like this.

Me: She shouldn't do that.
Mother in law: Do what?
Me: Use an appeal to emotion here. She's a journalist. Objectivity and all that.
MIL: You lack emotion and empathy.
Me: It has nothing to do with that. I feel for her but you have to look at these things dispassionately; especially if you're reporting.
MIL: (Looks on in horror).
Me: (continues): How would you like it if you're Turkish or of Turkish heritage and you see this?
MIL: (looks in horror AND wonders who her daughter married).

 To her credit, my wife was in my corner. No way a journalist should give the appearance of playing favorites. I further added, as a point of argument, scholars don't even agree with the definition of what constitutes genocide. Not to mention, the fact Turkey has its own reasons to not acknowledge it.

For the record, I'm of the opinion it was a genocide.

Am I asking too much of what I feel should be objective reporting?


Coolest thing you'll see today. 102 year-old Harlem dancer sees herself for the first time on video:


Wow. Firm but professional and without incident or escalation. /North American cops furiously look over hand books.

NYPD unimpressed. No choking or spinal chord deaths justifying their actions?

Insert cop jokes here.

I found an alternative video covering it from a different angle:


Now compare and contrast this with the reasoning of American police in this case Palm Beach:

"At the time, Sheriff Ric Bradshaw said this in defense of the shooting:
"Stop what you're doing and comply with us,” he told reporters.  "There's nothing in the rules of engagement that says we have to put our lives in jeopardy to wait to find out what this is to get killed."
Read that one over and think about it.
Lin was cleared to return to work four days later.  Months later, investigators from the State Attorney's Office and PBSO ruled the shooting justified."

What did the kid do? Ride his bike down a ONE WAY STREET. For this they paralyzed him.

They can go eat a bag of dicks filled with nails in them. What a bunch of jack asses these thugs with guns are. No accountability to moral compass.



A new Israeli law controlling the price of books and mandating guaranteed minimum compensation for writers has had the complete opposite effect of what lawmakers had intended, with book sales now in a free fall just one year after the law went into effect.
It’s called “The Law for Protecting Literature and Books,” but the impact on the industry has been so devastating that the head of a prominent book publisher has taken to calling the new mandate, “The Law for Hurting Literature and Books.”
But remember kids, as long as you believe...

"After losing a sex-discrimination lawsuit in Silicon Valley last week, Ellen Pao continues on her crusade to bring gender equality to the tech world, but this time with a focus on her home turf.

As Reddit’s interim CEO, Pao said she wants to eliminate salary negotiations from the company’s hiring process."

Research shows!

Research shows a lot of crap interventionist nannies like to use as a means to control the peons. 

I'm gonna so love enjoy seeing the unintended consequences of this action.

I think Mohammed's claim that 'God sets prices' has more merit.


Dr. Oz is doubling down on his alchemy:

Anti-GMO psychos are in force in the threads. 

Dr. Oz is a scumbag pimping and peddling natural remedies to an ignorant population for a buck.


Fantastic pictures after a volcanic eruption in Chile.


I'm surprised the idiots (you know who you are) haven't demanded the banning of Al Jolson:

We should always be careful to apply today's sensibilities (which are way too sensitive in my view) to yesterday's world.

Al Jolson was no racist. 'Blackface' was a metaphor for not only black suffering but Jewish as well while the landmark film The Jazz Singer denounced racial bigotry while at the same time introduced white America to black music.


The Tsarnaev sisters. Deport them says Malkin.

They really are a miserable, sick bunch.

But don't tell that to MSNBC's Alex Wagner:

Was he just being a '19 year-old' when he planned, planted a bomb and murdered innocent people?


Seriously MSNBC. Just when I thought you couldn't be anymore morally deficient you pull this out. Fuck off already...


...And pay your taxes - your fair share!

Half of the country doesn't pay taxes, so why should enlightened progressive MSNBCers?


The point, Ben, is you can't hide or white wash your history. That's a lame progressive tactic. Accept it. No one will judge you for it. It's asinine for you to ignore your history and it would be absurd for someone to hang it on you.

If you can't, then you should refrain from lecturing us about history.


Of the great pro sports, hockey culture remains the best culture in my view. From the saluting of fans at the end of each game at center ice (a fairly recent development imported from Europe), to the shaking of hands at the conclusion of a hard fought playoff series, to the sharp attire exhibited by players to its general trait of being a league of 'great guys', hockey is unique that's for sure.


The Fall of Robespierre.

Why? Because. We're seeing modern Jacobins and reactionaries all around us.

I think readers here all know who I consider reactionaries.


"Ontario and Nova Scotia are expected to make history soon by becoming the first jurisdiction in Canada to ban menthol-flavoured tobacco products."

Of course they are. Ontario in particular is so far left and into the 'do something without real evidence' crap  it's not surprising they're into creating black markets for the children.

It's only about control. Nothing more, nothing less.


Why did the Obama administration not help Americans stranded in Yemen?

I thought Americans help people 'full stop'.


Great article in The Daily Beast about California.

The state is collapsing under its own derpness.

And the same anti-science and reactionary shrill idiocy that leads to cap & trade policies and e-cigarettes in place like Quebec, Ontario and New York, is much more amplified and magnified in California - a place where all derps get their cues from.

"But since the 1970s, California’s water system has become the prisoner of politics and posturing. The great aqueducts connecting the population centers with the great Sierra snowpack are all products of an earlier era—the Los Angeles aqueduct (1913), Hetch-Hetchy (1923), the Central Valley Project (1937), and the California Aqueduct (1974). The primary opposition to expansion has been the green left, which rejects water storage projects as irrelevant. 

Yet at the same time greens and their allies in academia and the mainstream press are those most likely to see the current drought as part of a climate change-induced reduction in snowpack. That many scientists disagree with this assessment is almost beside the point. Whether climate change will make things better or worse is certainly an important concern, but California was going to have problems meeting its water needs under any circumstances."

"...But it’s not just water that exemplifies the current “era of limits” psychology. Energy development has always been in green crosshairs and their harassment has all but succeeded in helping drive much of the oil and gas industry, including corporate headquarters, out of the state. Not building roads—arguably to be replaced by trains—has not exactly reduced traffic but given California the honor of having eight of the top 20 cities nationally with poor roads; the percentage of Los Angeles-area residents who take transit has, if anything, declined slightly since train-building began. All we are left with are impossible freeways, crumbling streets, and ever more difficulty doing anything that requires traveling.  

These policies have had numerous impacts, like weakening California’s industrial sector, which cannot afford energy prices that can be twice as high as in competing states. Some of those who might have worked in the factories, warehouses, and farms of California now help swell the numbers of the welfare recipients, who remarkably make up one-third of the nation’s total. As recently as the 1970s and ’80s, the percentage of people living in poverty in California was below the national average; California today, based on cost of living, has the highest poverty rate in the country."

And yet Californians keep voting the bums in.

"...Ultimately this is a story of a state that has gotten tired, having lost its “animal spirits” for the policy equivalent of a vegan diet. Increasingly it’s all about how the elites in the state—who cluster along the expensive coastal areas—feel about themselves. Even Brown knows that his environmental agenda will do little, or nothing, to combat climate change, given the already minimal impact of the state on carbon emissions compared to escalating fossil fuel use in China, India and elsewhere. But the cosmopolitan former Jesuit gives more priority to his spiritual service to Gaia than the needs of his non-affluent constituents. "

Are you reading Quebec/Canada and liberals? READ the above paragraph again carefully.

"...But progressive narcissism is, as some conservatives assert, not the main problem. California greens are, to be sure, active, articulate, well-organized, and well-financed. What they lack is an effective counterpoint from the business class, who would be expected to challenge some of their policies. But the business leadership often seems to be more concerned with how to adjust the status quo to serve privileged large businesses, including some in agriculture, than boosting the overall economy. The greens, and their public-sector allies, can dominate not because they are so effective as that their potential opposition is weak, intimidated, and self-obsessed."


We all know green policies and environmentalism leads to deaths. The question is, will we finally push back and question their agenda as we ought to?


Jewish-Italian cuisine.

What's a Jewish post without some anti-semitism?

The subject this time is poet Amiri Baraka.

And after reading his 'poems' I can only use the term 'poet' loosely when applied to Baraka.



Oh my what is going on in Wisconsin? 

To go after citizens like this.

Chisholm and Kluka should be ashamed.


I have little respect and hold in little regard progressive romantics and their ridiculous and infantile nonsense about Cuba before Americans come in.

Oh look, speaking of which, here's Andrew Cuomo playing the useful idiot part.

He wears it well.

For E.F.


Christina H. Sommers @CHSommers
· 5h 5 hours ago
Oberlin activists had "safe space" for those triggered by my talk.Oberlin admin. provided police security to protect me from safe spacers.

"Told students that women could narrow wage gap by changing majors from, say, sociology to engineering.Room erupted.Horrified gasps & jeers."

In Oberlin talk said that Orwell's Junior Anti-Sex League had occupied campus feminism."What the Hell is that?" shouted someone. Look it up.
— Christina H. Sommers (@CHSommers) April 21, 2015

Somers is my type of gal.

(D) Senator Gillebrand not so much.

Notice to the left, it's okay to ruin people's lives as long as their narrative is sold. They're plump plain evil.

Epidemic Shmepedemic. Ever notice everything's an epidemic now.

So is derpiness.

I'm seeing an epidemic of outright lies that are accepted so long as the ends justifies the means. It's an epidemic of false narratives and appeals to emotions.

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