We Are All Our Own Moral Agents

While I do not agree with Memories Pizza position, I deplore the reaction of people and corporations.

Can we not have opinions anymore without facing such hideous reactions? Are we not our own moral agents free to express ourselves? What is this utter nonsensical madness?

Look at it this way, a gay person was deprived of a pepperoni pizza. Big fucking shit. He stews for a few days and life goes on. It's not right, I don't agree with it but keep perspective.

Shutting down a restaurant effectively threatens to destroy a family. When a family is hit so does the community's strength erode.

This is the face of modern progressivism? This is their sense of justice? For a group who yelp about 'proportional responses' does this strike them as 'proportional'?


But what intrigues me,  as was the case with Chick-Fil-A, people rally around what's right. And they show it with their wallets.

GoFundMe has raised over $26 000 for Memories Pizza.

A nice way to tell the rabble-rousing, faux-activists to fuck off.

Conservatives and libertarians are superior to progressives on this front. They give. They defend.

Progressives howl and walk away like the cowards they are. They don't give. They don't defend. 

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