Predictable Parochial Reaction To Cirque Du Soleil Sale

As I mentioned, when I heard Cirque was being sold to Americans - Texans no less - it was time to put your feet up and watch the nationalist drivel pour in.

And boy was I not disappointed.

The thing that makes Canadians insufferable twits sometimes is this idea that Canadian companies are somehow attached to our fricken identity and that we shouldn't sell to foreigners; especially Americans.

It's a regressive, parochial, nonsensical view.

If we'd take our heads out of our navel-gazing asses for a second we'd see that A) it's a massive world out there with endless opportunities and we should not restrict ourselves and B) that among the great industrial nations you'll see they constantly buying each other out, merging or buying stakes. It's the RULE to business; not the exception.

As Laliberte pointed out in the article, it's about growth and your chances of it are best served by a market that has the money to sustain it.

This insular view is particularly acute in Quebec where cultural insecurity is heightened.

Cirque was a gift from Quebec to the world. Laliberte found a buyer in the most powerful nation in human history as was his right. Good on him.

Get over it. 


Need I remind that when the Expos were in trouble the business community failed to keep the team here and when the Montreal Canadiens went up for sale not too many offers came in from our business elites to buy the team. THE MONTREAL CANADIENS.

It took an American to buy them at a bargain price, build up its value and sell it at higher price back to Canadians.

That's how we do business here.

And then we complain about Americans.

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