Bombardier Sticks Hand Out; Government Licks It

So. How does corporate welfare under the guise of protecting jobs while upholding nationalist pride work?

Something like this: The Canadian government 'loans' Bombardier $45 million so that a company in  China can buy whatever it is Bombardier has to build for them.

No. You read this right.

It's along the lines of Seinfeld's 'sex to save the friendship'. Or left-wing dingbats asserting we need to restrict freedom of speech in order to protect it.

Multiple face palms all around.


Speaking of hands being out, the union representing GM is back at it using all the usual drivel in order to get another bail out taxpayers already sent them but a few years ago.

Among the claims made is that they help generate $5 billion to the 'surrounding economy. While it's true there's a splinter effect to the economy (not totally unlike in sports where a pro team or the F1 race helps spurns the economy), the problem is if it costs $13 billion (as it did the last time) to 'invest' (bureaucratic code for squander) thus leaving an $8 shortfall does that sound like an investment?

How to make that up?

You can't because...well, you know the story.

What about giving the money to companies that consumers buy from like Honda and Toyota? Nah. They threaten the competition.

The Americans are busy shaking them down as the AG Holder did on a couple of occasions.

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