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How tolerance works for some:

 "It has been three days since a local high school coach tweeted a threat about burning down a small pizza shop in St. Joseph County. And now, the high school is breaking its silence.
Concord High School recently released a statement condemning golf coach Jessica Dooley.
For now, Dooley will remain on unpaid leave until the school district completes its investigation on the situation.

Tuesday, Dooley tweeted "Who's going to Walkerton, IN to burn down memories pizza with me?” to her 169 followers, including students of Concord High School.
Both the tweet and her profile have since been deleted."

Truth to power, Jess! You tell 'em! Burn. The. Bitch. Down!


"When schoolchildren start paying union dues, that’s when I’ll start representing the interests of school children."
--Albert Shanker (Apocrypha)


Quote on the whole 'bake me a cake or else' mentality:

"People have a right to personal conviction for fuck's sake. And I state this is as verified libertine heathen breathing the ass fumes of God and Satan both. Yes, I've rimmed both God and Satan.

Point is, a strong open society should tolerate a wide spectrum of views no matter what the fuck- it just cannot tolerate these views becoming iron fists forcing the yoke of submission upon others.

It's simple. People who keep laws smart and scarce are worthy of a vote of confidence no matter what their personal moral stances are."

But the yoke of submission is a must for the self-righteous.


Those crazy Czechs:

"For many women in the Czech Republic, the Easter season, known as Velikonoce, is not their favorite time. Easter Monday is the national holiday, and traditionally it is a time when women get whipped with a braided rod of willow called a pomlázka. The name comes from pomladit, meaning “to make younger” and how it got tied up with Easter isn’t very clear.

Traditionally, boys in villages go around from door to door on Easter Monday to slap women, even strangers, on the legs, thighs or buttocks with the whip until some blood is drawn. The victim is supposed to give the boy an egg or some chocolate. For older boys alcohol in the form of slivovice, or plum brandy, is sometimes the reward.  In some areas, each victim ties a ribbon on the whip, sort of like notches on a gun barrel."


Politico takes a ballsy, soberly stance on journalism that focuses on the narrative and their lies:

"May Satan capture your soul and make it his plaything if you think you and your publication are incapable of such journalistic malpractice. Editors and producers at the highest ranks of journalism have fallen again and again during the past few decades, committing crimes against journalism that match or surpass those of Rolling Stone and Erdely. Here’s just a partial list: Janet Cooke at the Washington Post; The Hitler Diaries (various publications); Stephen Glass at the New Republic, George, and, um, Rolling Stone; Jayson Blair at the New York Times; Jack Kelley at USA Today; NBC’s “exploding pickup truck”; CNN’s Tailwind story; CBS’ “Rathergate” coverage; Mike Daisey’s Apple story on This American Life; Jonah Lehrer (fabrication in his book); and CBS again (Lara Logan on Benghazi (where the government blamed the attack on a youtube video and later cynically put an innocent man in prison to serve its own ends and in which later Hillary - a person of impeccable leadership decorum - tried to dismiss with 'what difference does it make at this point?' when grilled for answers.). And as long as we’re building out a listicle, let me mention that when I worked at Slate, I edited and published a sham story by a liar..."
Note: Bold mine.
A partial list indeed. And notice none are from Fox News. Just saying.

Don't forget what the legacy media did to Richard Jewel at the Atlanta games, or how NBC rigged the video during the Zimmerman circus; the scandalous shame (of which the evil motherfucker Al Sharpton had a hand in) of the Duke Lacrosse lies, Brian 'I was there' Williams, Kristol at NYT accusing an innocent man of being the anthrax mailer.

And this is just off the top of my head.


In this corner in the gold and red trunks we have Aaron Goldin....and in...that corner we have, er, Al Gore...in a spiffy speedo.

"Aaron Goldin this week won the grand prize at the Siemens Westinghouse Competition in Math, Science and Technology for his invention that harnesses the ocean -- 70 percent of the world's surface -- to create energy.

"I call [it] 'gyro-gen,' and it generates electricity from the power of rolling ocean surface waves," said the 17-year-old high school student from Encinitas, Calif.

"...I hope in the future to see not just solar, not just wind, not just ocean or nuclear power but as many ideas as possible, some things that we may not even realize now would be a possible source of energy," he said. "I think that anything new is valuable." 

On a serious note, THIS is the sort of guy humanity needs. Optimistic.

Not pessimistic.


"The White House has announced a goal to train 75,000 workers in the solar industry by 2020, many of them veterans. "These are good-paying jobs that are helping folks enter the middle-class," President Barack Obama said on Friday at Hill Air Force Base in Utah. The plan will expand on the Department of Energy SunShot Initiative's Solar Instructor Training Network currently running at more than 400 community colleges. The White House also announced the Solar Ready Vets program aimed at helping veterans transition into the solar industry."

"...Envy evolved in a zero sum society, so that if I had more you probably had less. In today’s non-zero sum environment, I might have more because I am more productive, but you might view my wealth through the zero-sum lens. Thus, there is probably too much envy today, and too many decisions are based on envy..."
There's no question envy plays into it.


Salon Idiots. 

Yeah, like, er, (scratches head), The Army of God is sooooo like ISIS.


Keep them away from history books. They may hurt themselves.

I wonder if Gaiai-worshipping progressives and climate system change alarmists hate The Jetsons.
What, with them being all technological and all.


The long standing notion has been continually pushed by Christiana Figueres, the Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC). In 2013, Figueres had a conversation with Climate One founder Greg Dalton regarding “fertility rates in population,” as a contributor to climate change."

You first cunt.

Death never strays too far away progressive ideology.


Wow. Scotland is worst than I thought. How a people can so thoroughly accept the nanny-state is incomprehensible as it is sad.

I mean, when you throw people in jail for singing, you know your society is regressive and backwards.

Alas, they're not alone. Continental Europe is but one step behind. Unfortunately, we're on that trajectory here.


Witness to Lee's surrender:

"...They look terribly tired and worn down. Some of the men have had nothing to eat for three days but parched corn, and I cannot help respecting men who have fought so long and so well in support of their opinions, however wrong I may think them. The officers say very little about politics, but I think they have pretty much come to the conclusion that the Southern Confederacy has come to an end, as we all certainly do. All those of the old army when we met seem not to have changed at all, and many references were made to old and happier times."


I wonder how long before progressives look to scrub Southern history altogether.


Speaking of scrubbing, Quebec is very good at scrubbing history. A parent I know was upset the way they explain how immigrants were treated during the years Quebec introduced possibly the most restrictive law in North America with Bill 101. A law only a nationalist hillbilly could love.

Specifically, Quebec has taken to the notion that immigrants like 'les Italiens' chose to not go to French school and that Quebec were innocent players in the dramatic story surrounding its paternalist education laws.

Let's get one thing straight buckos. It was Quebec who were prejudiced against Italians and actively sought to keep them out of Catholic French schools. Left with no options but endowed with an innovative and fighting spirit, the Italians (around the 1920s if memory serves correct. I'm a little rusty with dates) simply created their own schools (because the English were no more inviting) en anglais. 

By the 1960s, when the Quebecois were waking from whatever slumber (La Revolution Tranquille) they were mired in, they realized the Italians had surpassed them in upward social mobility by most measures.

So. They did what any reactionary, threatened group does. They enact anti-liberty laws. Worse, they tried to take the Italians out of the English system and throw them back into the French where the Italian gave them the big middle finger. THIS is the origin of the St. Leonard riots.

They made their own beds and now they try to absolve their mistakes by rewriting history.

And don't think they're not repeating their ways.


Someone I know said "The irony of Quebec linguistic nationalism is that immersion schools in Western Canada teach French. Not Quebecois."


Another day, another cop kills.


Hillary sees dead people.

"First lady Hillary Rodham Clinton held imaginary conversations with Eleanor Roosevelt and Mahatma Gandhi as a therapeutic release, according to a new book written by Bob Woodward, says a report in Sunday's edition of The Chicago Sun-Times.

The first lady declined a personal adviser's suggestion that she address Jesus Christ, however, because it would be "too personal," according to Woodward's book, "The Choice."

She's not unique. Plenty of politicians in history were plain weirdos.


Stellar logic of the day:

Judd Legum         @JuddLegum
Not sure why everyone is surprised no one got fired over this Rolling Stone article. No one got fired for the IRAQ WAR.

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