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Comment on Memories Pizza:

"The hypocrisy here is off-the-charts. Would a restaurant owned by a Progressive family agree to cater an event held by the Westboro Baptist Church? Would a black-owned business cater or support a Klan event? What if a Mormon polygamist wanted his 6th marriage (to a 12-year-old) catered? The selective outrage is nauseating..."

We never learn. From the fabricated UVA rape story in Rolling Stone to Duke Lacrosse,  to shrill anti-GMO and fears of nuclear energy and fossil fuels, progressivism is on the attack - and it's very, very problematic as it is disturbing.

Fascistic, anti-science and downright mean-spirited.


Speaking of fascists. Here's one from Daily Kos:

"A BETTER solution would involve a California entity to sue GoFundMe for the entire amount this biased pizza place got so far, as well as damages to ensure the pizza place owner never has another profitable moment in her life. She deserves lifetime scorn and derision for her racist, sexist position.

Ban Fracking. Ban the GOP. Ban capitalism. Ban state governments, revert every lawmaking ability to the progressive federal government for maximum efficiency and fairness.
by banthegop on Thu Apr 02, 2015 at 11:30:59 AM PDT"

I'm beginning to run out of words to describe these people.

They really are incoherent, irrational and hysterical. 

People FREELY helped raised $260 000 and this person wants to sue them?

Like I said, there are no words except to accept them for what they are at face value:

Angry, tyrannical, JACOBINS.

Putzes who can't even put their money where their derpy mouths are.

Sad, eh?


I thought the left were all about 'proportional responses' and civil discourse.




Reason magazine on RFRA.


Man destroys $300 000 (Euros) Ferrari.


Irrational and ideological forces against fossil fuels and nuclear power threaten humanity.

Consider this.

The USA has 23% of the world's proven coal reserves but produce only 14%!

All for political nonsense. Something about climate system change. I can't hear with all the screaming. Ask the idiot up thread at Daily Kos. Irrationalism is its own language. I don't speak it.

Amusing to hear they'd put 'deniers' in prison.

It's pretty much how the Witch hunts functioned.


In the self-entitlement corner comes Conservative Senator (and feminist) Nancy Ruth.

She doesn't like being questioned by the Auditor-General - the only person that speaks for taxpayers.

"A Conservative senator is miffed that she's being asked to justify claiming a meal expense while travelling when she could have eaten a free airline breakfast of "ice-cold Camembert with broken crackers."

That's the level of detail Nancy Ruth says she's been subjected to by auditor general Michael Ferguson, who is conducting a comprehensive audit of senators' expenses.

Auditors have asked some senators to clarify their expenses, asking them to account for everything from single phone calls to sandwiches eaten during committee meetings to postage stamps. And they've been cross-referencing daily expense claims with cellphone records and senators' emails.
Ruth said Wednesday that she's been asked why she didn't eat free airline food rather than file breakfast expense claims on a couple of occasions.

"Well, those (airline) breakfasts are pretty awful," she said.

"If you want ice-cold Camembert with broken crackers, have it."


Keep digging at her.


Heard Anne Lagace Dowson the other day suggest a UQAM 'compromise' with students who blocked other students from going to class forcing the school to shut classes down for the day.

This in of itself is ridiculous given the student association voted against striking but a small splinter group decided to not accept the democratic result (leftists tend to be that way whenever they don't get their way) and strike.

And these are people she wants to 'compromise' with? Reward them for stealing other people's education? For rabble-rousing without a legit cause?


She fit right into the NDP world view alright.


I'm sure Human Rights activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali is the enemy of progressives (in general) for daring to ask why U.S. prisons hired radical Imams to preach.

Progs like their activists to be more...all murdery.


John Kerry just another left-wing Democrat that likes to pad their legacy with lies.

His claim that he organized the first climate change hearings (nothing to be proud of) earned four pinocchios from WaPo.


We're not taxpayers! Calling us that is hurtful!

Elizabeth Stoker Breunig is proof the left has no interest in recovering its lost mind.

I don't recommend you read it for it won't add much to your intellectual arsenal.

But, if you're a masochist for this crap and have a fetish for reading second-rate, middling left-wing hackery...Enjoy.


So the Obama administration managed to get a framework in place with Iran.

What the U.S. gets out of it I'm not entirely sure.

Other than that, don't see how antagonizing Israel in search of some deal with Iran is useful. Not to mention making Arab nations more nervous.

Other than that, that, I also wonder if the three main tenets during the sanctions asking Iran to quit the violent rhetoric against Israel, stop funding terrorists and disclose nuclear activities remain seeing they never fulfilled those.

I understand at some point it might be a good idea to normalize relations with Iran but not sure this was the way to go about it since it's still a theocracy. Moreover, Obama is not exactly a strong negotiator.

I keep hearing Obama's foreign policy is a 'nuanced' one.

Yeah. No.

It's had some successes but many failures and nothing spectacular in neither.


The are more museums than Starbucks and McDonald's combined.

Yet, when you read the mainstream press you'd think the latter two companies were taking over our lives.

'The war on the private mind' by Williamson at NRO.


A socialist economy is a Vampire Economy.

"Here is a study of the actual workings of business under national socialism. Written in 1939, Reimann discusses the effects of heavy regulation, inflation, price controls, trade interference, national economic planning, and attacks on private property, and what consequences they had for human rights and economic development. This is a subject rarely discussed and for reasons that are discomforting,: as much as the left hated the social and cultural agenda of the Nazis, the economic agenda fit straight into a pattern of statism that had emerged in Europe and the United States, and in this area, the world has not be de-Nazified. This books makes for alarming reading, as one discovers the extent to which the Nazi economic agenda of totalitarian control — without finally abolishing private property — has become the norm. The author is by no means an Austrian but his study provides historical understanding and frightening look at the consequences of state economic management."


After reading the above now go read this socialist drivel at The Nation.


Al Gore - politics of fear.


Free market ideas finds a voice in Brazil's youth.


Center for Industrial Progress.


Smart traffic signals could make commuting less stressful.


I have little sympathy for those who take on loans and then want them to be forgiven.

We ALL HAVE TO PAY OUR DEBTS. Now go out and pay yours.

Except these geniuses are going on 'debt repayment strike'.

I have massive problem with the government forgiving debt because in the end WE ALL PAY for it through taxes or even in the form of tighter credit which benefits no one.

Nope. Not having any of it.

You can't open this can of worms. 

Account for your actions.


Just another reason why Israel is a superior, rational and functional democratic society in the Mid-East.

Gay and Lesbian rights has the Arab world beat by miles.

Then again, should we be surprised?

Yet, the left absolutely loathes Israel. 

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