It's The Gong Show All The Time Now

Trigger warning you precious, thin-skinned melting snow flakes: Rant ensues. 

Two stories annoyed me today.

The first was the story of a Washington florist who was fined for refusing to prepare an arrangement for a gay couple on religious grounds. Rather than move on to the next florist, these two social justice wannabes decide to threaten her livelihood because couldn't accept her decision.

I'm totally not down with people pulling this shit and especially don't accept judges coming down on businesses in this manner.

"Robert Ingersoll and Curt Freed - sued florist Barronelle Stutzman in 2013, applauded the ruling in a statement.

"My primary goal has always been to end illegal discrimination," Ferguson said. "I'm pleased that today's ruling clearly prohibits discrimination against same-sex couples."

Go suck a very sour lemon you dopes. Forcing someone to serve you is not justice.

Look. It sucks that people act this way but this is what it is being humans. I'm not sure bringing in the state into this is a good idea.

Which brings me to the uber-irrational, hyper-hypocritical reaction to Indiana's RFRA law. A law, as I understand it, that was first introduced by Democrats (by Ted Kennedy in the Senate and Chuck Schumer in the House) and signed by Clinton in 1993, passed in 19 states and recently defended by Holder and the Obama administration. Though it was ruled unconstitutional in 1997 by the Supreme Court.

Maybe Indiana didn't need to do this but from what I read and hear, the reaction seems over the top. As usual, people are reacting not to the content but the emotions. 

Despite its Democrat roots (I believe it passed 435-0)  governors like Cuomo in New York laughably have restricted travel bans for state employees to travel to Indiana. Worse, Malloy in Connecticut doing the same thing even though his state has a RFRA law!

Even opportunists like Al Sharpton have jumped in (never a good sign) who compare it to Jim Crow laws. Something Democrats know a thing or two about since they're the ones who introduced them.

Or ESPN writers suddenly becoming political and policy historians and experts demanding Indiana change its laws.

Moreover, when asked about it, Coach K of Duke basketball wisely attempted to not discuss the issue and was soundly criticized.

Apple CEO Tim Cook got to offer his own rant in an op-ed piece.

Hey Cook, how about you sell some computers or else you may have to transition Apple into a pie company!

I won't get into Starbucks retarded 'let's talk about race' campaign. I just heard on the radio some guy was called a 'breeder' by some cunt barista.


How about this...

DO YOUR FUCKING JOBS and spare us the self-rigtheous moralizing. Truth is, you're not that smart.

How did we arrive at a point where everything is politicized and we demand opinions on everything from everyone? 

Toe the narrative or else...

Hm. Who acted this way in the past?


Years ago Rick Mercer had a segment 'Talking to Americans.' You know the plot. Take a video and ask Americans questions about Canada and laugh at their responses. It's all so splendidly parochial in its smug attempt to make us feel better.

Alas, those who read this blog know this simply isn't the case.

Canadians are equal to the task when it comes to ignorance of its own history.

Consider the closing of a GM plant in Oshawa and the comments it generated:

"I guess all that Canadian Taxpayer money that was put up to save this Dinosaur was a wasted effort then eh? Put up money for Tesla, or other non-American companies that are actually building quality products that are state of the art future-now products. We've wasted enough time and (especially) money to save these American Corporation from bad management and non-loyalty to those that came to their aid."

Tesla is American. And Ford and Chrysler are building quality politics; with the former having not taken a bail-out and the latter actually putting it to better use than GM.

Obama wasted tax dollars on GM too. Moreover, putting green initiatives burden didn't help.

Nice, if not dated, stab at Canadian nationalist jingoism though.


Canada needs to start scrapping free trade agreements with countries like the US who are not honouring them anyway. Lets get the illegal trade activities of the US government out in the open and start defending Canadian jobs!! If you're in the market for a new car, buy a Honda or a Toyota, those companies are expanding in Ontario, not shipping jobs to other countries.

Yes. Scrap a free-trade agreement with a country our economy is deeply intertwined with representing 87% of trade. Not 8.7% pal. 87%! It would be akin to separating two heads from a body. It's not possible. 

Right. Canada always honors its deals. And where it's dicey - ie softwood lumber - it ends up being a piss fight over unfair subsidies. Thus proving for the millionth time why government should generally stay out of business.

More importantly, he should focus his energy less on reactionary anti-American gibberish and more on the fact Ontario (and Quebec) is not a good place to have a business. Until we put that through our thick over taxed skulls expect more of these stories.

"With a protectionist president and protectionist companies south of the border, no Canada, the US does not have your interests at heart."

Canada has been every bit protectionist in its history. Pick up a book. You may find it enlightening.

Other than that his responsibility is to the USA. Not Canada. Are Canadians this insufferable as to believe the leader of another country owes them? Start your own damn car company if it matters so much to you, right?

"We need a long term solution. Canada needs to have its own manufacturer to produce vehicles. There are only assembly plants to assemble vehicles in Ontario. Where is the "Made in Canada" logo?

That Canada doesn't have an indigenous car company is sort of embarrassing. However, when you look at the history of automobiles, it's not an easy industry to operate. Canada is essentially a branch-plant society of the United States (hiss!) so it was inevitable we were to build American cars.

And a logo needs to have an image in the form of branding power. It took Mercedes, Ferrari, Jaguar, Renault and Ford over a hundred years of pain and glory to form theirs. Canada, in this context, could never rival these brands. It has taken Korea nearly 50 years to solidify its car image. Does Canada have the moxy? Not so sure.

Sparkies. All of them.

I have to chuckle at the statement that North American workers care about the quality and safety of the cars they are building. Anybody who has ever seen a union wog complaining that he should have the right to sleep on shift if he's tired can see such propaganda for what it is. If you think you're going to collect $40 an hour to do a job an uneducated peasant can do for a buck an hour forever, you're seriously deluded. It was inevitable that these jobs were going to disappear, auto pact or no auto pact. The only difference would have been the brand name.

Wait. This guy is on the ball.


Other than that, I thought GM was saved by Obama!


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