Rosemere Elections: Throw The Bums Out

The city of Rosemere has one party looking to bring some rational, reasonable normalcy back. Innovaction is that party.

The incumbent party, by contrast, is irrational if not absurd in the application of the signage laws. It's enough for me to consider selling.

It annoys me because this is not stuff we should be wasting energy on. It's pretty self-evident. Attract business, be reasonable with the regulations and taxes and let them do their thing and hopefully thrive.

Coercing someone into what color their BUSINESS sign should be (a business is intricately tied to a marketing scheme). For example, if the business is called 'Red' it's normal the owner will want a red sign. The god damn municipality shouldn't say which "shade of red" is acceptable. That's a form of tyranny that helps no one.

Yet, this happens in Rosemere. I know, it happened to me and it's not only unacceptable, it's patently stupid.

Look for yourself. 

It's in French so please allow me to briefly paraphrase. Basically, business owners in Rosemere have grown weary of the excessive application of the signage laws. Every time we want to advertise we have to ask for permission grovel to an urban planning bureaucrat with little incentive or experience in business issues (to say nothing of shoddy manners) in order to do so. More often than not, the answer is no and if permitted with stringent restrictions.The "fuck you because we say so" line of thinking.

The two people you see in the video are two such owners who faced odious municipal nonsensical over reach. The person who owns 'Bliss' was told she could not use the shade of pink she wanted to use for no good reason. They basically imposed their will on a person's LIVELIHOOD. The second is a bike shop owner who since the video has left Rosemere. His finals words are best heeded and one in which this blog often repeats: Keep hassling business and they will leave. It's not a sudden thing but over time smart, productive and rational people think with their pocket book and silently vote with their feet. The "unintended consequences" if you will. One in which apathetic people with no skin in the game don't want to grasp.

This plays itself out not just at the local level but at a provincial/state/national level. You can bludgeon (and demonize) business and free-enterprise for so long.

As for the bike shop, Rosemere is now without one. Which is a shame because he served A COMMUNITY.

But goes ask the party that pushed him out give a rat's ass.

They don't. Know why? Because they think like bureaucrats. "Someone else will come in." Never ONCE considering the cost to losing a business for no proper reason. This is not an optimum way to run a town or govern a civil economy.

His "worth" to the town is significantly higher than the person writing the infractions. A community is poorer for losing a local business owner; it wouldn't miss the inspector.

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