Obamacare Registration: Epic Fail

Seriously, is anyone surprised by the problems?

Been following this quite a bit in the media (and boy are they increasing by the day not to mention calls for Sebelius to resign) and it seems there's some serious concern and even outrage.

This from the people who told Americans they "needed to pass the bill in order to know what's in it."

Obamacare and any hopes of cost efficiency (nay, efficiency period) was doomed from the beginning given how the legislation was passed, Justice Roberts absolutely mangling his reasons for voting in favor of it, to the silly cynicism of Chad Henderson, to its clear lack of public support all the way to the criticism from even people like Howard Dean. Shoot, even Jon Stewart was forced into questioning the competence of officials.

If there's one thing I know, it's hard to get back on proper financial footing when you miscalculate from the start. Then again, this is not a concern of public officials since waste comes with the territory.

President Obama was more interested in his legacy than anything else. He did his bit. Logistics problems are for minions to work out. He's a "big ideas thinker" after all.

How long before people assert the only solution to fixing this is for single-payer to be mandated?

The bigger question remains: Why did Congress give out all sorts of exemptions including themselves if Obamacare was so good and necessary?

From A to Z to -1. Epic failure to excecute.

And they want to pay your latex salesman? 

One can but nod their heads.

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