Helping Humanity...Not

The other day the battery died on my truck at the gas station.

Stranded, I took my cables and solicited the first person I saw to give me a quick boost.

I was turned down.

He gave me an incoherent reason about cars today being too complicated risking engine failure. I have a Jeep Liberty and he had a Ford pick up.

What should have been a five minute setback, turned into a 45 minute delay since I decided to not witness more fucking retardation I called my brother in law. The girl at the station was helpful and even drove her own truck up to mine but she was making me nervous asking all sorts of questions. So I told her not to worry as I could make other arrangements.


Who refuses an appeal for help?

I know I haven't. I've boosted people, pulled them out of ditches and pushed them onto safety.

It's an inconceivable thought to me to turn pleas for help of any kind.

The ONE time I get stuck I get a fucking, unhelpful putz.

In instances like this, I hope karma does exist and its name is Bitch.

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