Income And Wealth Are Not The Same And Should Be Treated Carefully

A couple of videos on economics.

He's, of course, absolutely right. Income and wealth are NOT the same thing. Nor are they static since, you know, human activity is in a constant state of flux. A lot of the income inequality studies out there deliberately or otherwise conflate and mislead to paint a picture that there's a receding middle-class.

The video he's referring to is here. See for yourself. It made little sense to me as it took all sorts of liberties with data. 

Socialists have it all wrong and backwards.

Unfortunately, the view of a receding middle-class is in the majority and not the minority.

Just like demanding for more gun control in A) an environment that already has ample gun control legislation depending on the region and state or province for that matter and B) a social environment where crime has been dropping off for decades is irrational, so is the belief 1% of the population somehow conspires to keep us down is specious in its logic.

Ironically, one of the best ways to achieve wealth (besides saving money) is to invest in dividend paying investments and in those that grow thus creating a capital gain. Yes, at different points in our lives we may or may not have disposable income to take advantage of this but ask yourself this: Why would you advocate the government tax dividends when you can benefit from it?

I firmly remain adamant in the fact that our tax policies and faith in taxing to redistribute wealth actually benefits no one. If you invest $5 (after earning, say $12, of which $2 went to taxes and $7 for life expenditures/loans) and it makes $1 why shouldn't you keep it? You just created wealth.

The real savvy among us figured this out.

Those who don't, wallow, for example in envy.

Simplistic scenario yes, but that's the gist of it.

The rest is just obfuscation on the part of partisans.

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