Montreal: Getting What They Deserved

With the Montreal elections set to take place in early November,  I'm hearing Denis Coderre is leading in the polls.

Which basically confirms the suspicion people like to be deceived. While Montreal looks on in shock about the systemic corruption at the Charbonneau Commission, what do they decide is the cure? To vote for a "career politician" and professional "outrager" in Coderre (who, it must be noted, was in the middle of the Adscam debacle) leading a party filled with, you guessed it,  candidates from Union Montreal - the party that was in the middle of the scandals.

Cynical and stupid really on the part of Montrealers.

There's no reason whatsoever to not take a chance with the other candidates in Cote, Joly and Bergeron. None. It's not like any one person can possibly fulfill what they're promising. Montreal politics doesn't function like New York where a strong man can seize control and lead.

I brace for the worse. A Coderre City Hall. 

At which point, it'll be meet the new boss...same as the old boss as The Who once sang in angst.


It was a shame, by the way, Melanie Joly wasn't part of the English debates.  In them, we learned the candidates were all in unanimous agreement on two important points: Montreal is bilingual and that the PQ Charter is not good for the city. Equally as important, they seem to embrace the "special status" calls for Montreal. 

Which puts Mini-Machiavelli Lisee and his band of sowers of discord in the PQ in a bit of a pickle. What we're saying is Quebec City values are not the will and wish of Montrealers.

It's a fight I'd stand behind.

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