Lou Reed Dies

Rock just lost a New York City icon.

Lou Reed. 

Reed - solo and part of the Velvet Underground - authored two of the great rock songs of all time - Walk on the wild side and Sweet Jane.

Back in August of 1990 I was sitting on the Metro heading to school when I came across a concert announcement in The Mirror. It was Lou Reed and Bob Dylan together.

Much to my regret, the same day they were coming I was leaving for Europe.

One of my big regrets to have missed that concert as that chance never came again. Not only that, Stevie Ray Vaughan died during the trip.

Another Reed story. I discovered him in the mid-80s when I was a teenager and long past the legendary, NYC scene he was involved with. My first Reed CD was 'New York' which I bought at Tower Records in 1989. Walking on 42nd Street, pre-Giuliani - where some of Reed's hustling, transgender characters lurked about - was still seedy so I was glad I got to see it.

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