Quick World Cup 2014 Qualifying Notes

Watched Belgium beat Croatia 2-1 to clinch a spot at the World Cup in Brazil 2014.

I have fond memories of the Belgian semi-finals performance in Mexico in 1986. They were a strong team but since that time its performances have been marked by pedestrian play culminating into missing the 2006 and 2010 World Cups.

But they're back and it looks like with a vengeance. That's a young, talented and solid line up with quality players I saw today. Very strong and impressive.

They looked poised against a strong and capable Croatian side.

Dare I say, this is a team that can go very far in 2014.


The race for second spot in Group B is on. It looked like Denmark was going to secure a second spot after it took a late 2-1 lead over Italy (who already locked up first place). Alas, a rather fortunate deflection leveled the score for Italy thus leaving four teams - Denmark, Bulgaria (currently in second), the Czech Republic and Armenia (who defeated a nine-side Bulgarian squad 2-1) in a practical deadlock.

One has to fancy Denmark's chances as it takes on Malta in the final game so one has to assume they're good for the three. It's less clear for Bulgaria who will be facing a motivated Czech side ( a point should do it for Bulgaria - assuming Denmark doesn't pop eight goals on Malta)  and Armenia who have to travel to Naples to take on Italy. 


England put itself in practical qualification mode with a 4-1 win over Montenegro.


Closer to home, the United States was already on its way to Brazil prior to its match against Jamaica. At its conclusion a 2-0 was added to their record.

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