Labos's Lament

Leo Tolstoy spent the latter half of his years tormenting, as Russian novelists are apt to do, himself trying to make sense of history. Like many many of us, we think we can find the 'magic pattern' of its cadence and pulse but truth is, there is none.

It was an ambitious if not futile exercise bound to further bewilder the great writer. Between Covid and Ukraine, the charts of history are being drawn as many minds, both capable and not, attempt to draw on history to make sense of the present and perhaps the future. 

They will fail. It always fail.

Human nature is almost as mischievous in its mysterious power as Mother Nature. 

We’re good at jotting down dates, affixing labels and assigning blame to suit whatever the prevailing narratives of the day exist.

But these are just means to deceive us into thinking and believing we're in control. 

These things swing to and for in a perpetual state of fluidity making it hard to arrive at any hard truths. The world, in short, is made up of humans and humans are flawed, those "wretched creatures" as Machiavelli described it, plagued by the seven deadly sins. In here, I surmise, we find our answers to what is and what ought to be.

Tolstoy, it turns out, had a skeptical view on science. Two things stand out when you read Russian literature - particularly Tolstoy and Dostoevsky. One, is they were good at sniffing out pseudo-liberal (which was morphing into progressivism in their time) intellectualism and two facing the insurmountable absurdity of human nature. It made them astute if not cunning observers of man’s flawed nature.

Science was of particular interest because since the scientific revolution of the 17th century, man asserted and installed himself on the level of God. Science had no time for God. God may as well have been dead. But as was pointed out, by Giorgio de Santillana, what Tolstoy was railing against was no science but scientism.

Secularism only widened the chasm ensuring science slowly replaced God. Or at least it plans to.

Scientism is the sub-ego of science and is the practice of science minus all those pesky proofs and ethics. An example of scientism is eugenics. A pseudoscientific movement that remains very much with us to this day. Any time you hear a scientist speak of controlling humans through science, that’s a eugenicist. And usually a eugenicist’s favourite method to ‘advance’ humans is murder. Bio-ethicists are allies to eugenicists as they try to find 'ethical' excuses to justify murder.

Scientism is soulless and has no ‘there, there’ to keep it in check. It has no principles guiding and governing its mass mess of dictums. 

Scientism is what Dwight Eisenhower warned against in his farewell speech in 1961 of the ’scientific-technocratic’’ bureaucrat fully embodied in one Dr. Anthony Fauci and an army of disciples and crop of modern contemporary medical and scientific minds. We saw them on TV every day. TV dinner experts covered the airwaves like a blob of doomsayers warning us that if we didn't do what we were told the virus was going to kill us never once contextualizing a single data point or general overall risk profiles so as to assuage a nervous public.

Instead, they chose to appeal to fear. 

They may be good at their specific jobs bad are a threat to overall public health.

Science in its current form, to those sitting on the hill observing, is sick. Very sick. It gives the impression of an entity ruled by arrogance and hubris fully aware of denying God’s will - and hence human agency- to match God’s wit. Just as man’s hubris think it’s able to tame Mother Nature on its ‘climate change’ crusade, it is so with its drive to ‘hack the software of life’. And part of their final destination in spitting in god’s face is to simply attempt to transform humans into, well, robots.

What better way than to shift the infinite intricacies that make up a human into a series of codes and algorithms controlled by an elite few? Presumably, doctors would have a seat at that table.

Just like doctors should not know where the guns are they sure as hell shouldn't be armed with algorithms.

Here’s the problem. Judging by what I’ve observed from medical and scientific experts, it’s doomed to fail because on full display was a glaring gaping grotesque hole. They’re inability - and deliberately so - to consider the pain their actions have inflicted on people who simply do not agree with their demands.

There’s a complete misunderstanding and misfiring of what it means to be free and human. Humans, like animals, whither without freedom.

A key strength that drives scientism is the need to dehumanize people. With some public funding and a hand shake, the corporate media has teamed up with mass scientism and political and health officials to do just that. Next, you must erase all common foundations of ethics and standards built over the last 75 years. These come in the form of informed consent and medical privacy and autonomy. 

Tear it all down to get to the body. 

Which finally brings me to Dr. Christopher Labos from McGill University. Far from being the only medical practitioner enjoying his 15 minutes of fame (Vinh, Oughton, Jarry, Boguch, Juni are just some of the people who have monopolized the public's imagination on Covid for two years never once shifting their overall mindset) imparting his medical advice to all who will listen, Dr. Labos recently questioned the removal of vaccine passports because it would undermine vaccine uptake.

This is scientism on full display.

This is where scientism and technology collide to form a tyrannical outlook.

To us laymen, the calculus is simple and straight forward, the vaccine don’t halt transmission, have limited efficacy and duration while the vaccinated transmit the disease. So what is the purpose of a passport other than the one sued as a punitive end coercive tool to erase human agency? 

And spit in the face of God. 

Where scientific facts and reason are simply ignored, the absence of ethics and principles mean the state can now come in and crush whatever rights one may thought they had. The constant  ‘fear-appeal’ strategy was the means to achieving that end. Where there is fear, there is hysteria, where there is both there can be no reason.

Canada is the only nation on earth preventing citizens from leaving the country or traveling from within Not Cuba. Not North Korea. Not China. Not Putin. Not Trump. Nothing. Just Justin Trudeau. This is what happens when scientism runs amok, This is not to protect public health since more and more countries are dropping vaccine mandates to travel. No, this is scientism upset that the people they view as nothing but serfs and subjects aren’t falling to the commands of the Lords and Dukes. 

Labos is incapable of grasping that what he continues to advocate for falls under the umbrella of ’the cure is worse than the disease’. He doesn’t seem interested in the overall impact such a discriminatory tool has on public health. All he and his ilk are focused on is to view health through the narrow, one-dimensional prism of Covid-19. Nothing else matters. Just Covid. And this could also blind them to whatever serious side-effects the experimental vaccines can occur. 

Covid may very well turn out to be the greatest medical hysteria in history. Chances are, we will look back at the elimination of civil liberties that wrecked the civil order and ask ‘how could we have been so foolish?” 

And that will be our lament. 


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