Daily Derplines: How The Vaccine Parade Looks To Sound Minds

The vaccine peddling has reached heights I never thought possible.

It is at fever pitch absurdity blended with total hysterics.

If it were an image it would be of someone running around wildly in their underwear stabbing people with a syringe. 

I don't even think the pimps selling this 'merch' even know what they're saying anymore. I'm almost certain politicians and health officials know it's a catastrophe but they're too heavily invested in it. They have to double down, triple, quadruple, quintuple, and infinity-tuple. Or else face the errors of their ways and admit the truth.

That the continued administering of this nonsense is well, nonsensical. 

What will take for people to shake out of their trance and come to see the benefits aren't outweighing the risks. It never ever benefitted kids. And any paediatrician saying this should have their licenses revoked. 

This is going to be on par with people who get easily phished or swindled out of money. 'At no point did you ask yourself if it was too good to be true?' or '20% return on a bond didn't set off an alarm bell?'

Anyone still talking as if the 34d and 4th shots are the same as the are the ones who should be censored and shamed with their bank accounts frozen. Or perhaps should be subjected to a psyche exam.

I was greasing about how Ukrainian refugees highly skeptical of vaccines landing in Germany are being subjected to lectures - more like sermons - about the vaccines from believers promoting one person still in Ukraine to say, 'I'll take my chances with Russian bullets over German vaccines'.


Landing in the West gives the feeling of entering a town that ostensibly looks friendly and normal. But as you settle in you begin to be part of a nightmare. The townsfolk are in fact a crazed cult.

What do you mean you do not want to take this wonderful piece of science into your body as told?

The idea there can be no nuance or possibility to question or challenge this coerced wisdom offends me on levels hard to imagine. It's now at a level people see this as a direct threat to their life.

Enough already with the spending and cheap-ass sloganeering. 

It's logic now. Why would you take endless streams of shots of a medicine that hasn't even been adjusted for any variants and whose recipe remains for the original long extinct original strain? How does this make any sense? All for a virus with a 99.985% survival rate and where less than 1% of people (regardless of vaccination status) end up in the hospital.

What's also amusing in a grotesque and disturbing way is that no one in the American government that has the power to deal with it seems to realize Anthony Fauci is a terrible spokesperson for his medical product. In the private sphere, a salesperson who can't connect to their clients is usually replaced or fired. No in government. Keep Fauci and Tam out there as if somehow they're going to magically get through to the 'vaccine hesitant'. Those damn ignorant 'anti-vaxxers'.

The stupid and arrogance is all on that side. They all sound, at this point, crazy. 

An that goes triple for the maskers and people who instead of looking to relinquish the abuse people have endured by their sick hands, are coming back for more demands for restrictions and masks. These people are beyond science now.

They're living in their own mad house of lunacy.

Onto the derplines of the day:


Why a 4th?

Why....follow the money. 


Who to "blame" for "vaccine hesitancy'?


What does mental illness look like?

Meet Christina Berndt.

She's burnt alright.


No. It's not the same as a flu shot.

It's different. Very different.

Another from Prasad defending economist Emily Oster.

Indeed. She's always on point and salient. 


Was this all pre-planned?


Dr. Paul Alexander claims Pfizer offered him $1 million and $50 000 a month win hush money he'd stop bashing them.

I bet it's true.

Cheap bastards. With the money they're making, they should offer $10 million and 100k a month minimum. 


So I was listening to Alex Marlow on Breitbart earlier today. I like Breitbart in general including his show. I don't always agree with what he says (particularly on Ivermectin and the vaccines) but he presents his arguments well and so I have no problem with it because I could be wrong.

I find the right bent shows are far more informed as a whole and a lot more literate when it comes to history. Unlike the Progressive channel. Bene listening to Them Hartmann, Stephanie Miller and others and I'm actually appalled at the general lack of awareness and knowledge about Ukraine, Russia and the general overall interpretations of it. Really poor quality. I also like to observe the callers on shows to judge the quality. More often than not, the quality of calls on conservative shows is far higher than on the left. Which isn't all that surprising. 

Back to Marlow. He said he "admires" Zelensky.

Odd to admire this guy. Has anyone paid any attention to Ukraine since 2014?

Zelensky is not a character to admire. As posted elsewhere and been reported by investigative journalists (and most are on the left and do an excellent job which makes Prog. channel hosts and their opinions all the more baffling)  Zelensky is your run of the mill politician that doesn't mind playing high corrupt stakes games with criminals. 


And he banned 11 political parties. Mostly on the left. Which gives more bones to the Nazi elements in Ukraine - which are real and do exist. 

What a hero.

What's to admire here exactly? 

Can we just chill on the Zelensky hero worshipping?


The nonsensical over reaction to Putin continues. Heard some European - I think it was in the UK - call for a Nuremberg Trial for Putin.

Now they're stealing Covid ideas.

Lawyers and experts are planning and hoping to spark up the Nuremberg Trials for all the criminals who had a part to play in the Covid-19 medical hysteria. Cataloguing hysteria should be a segment. 

Putin is far from the problem. And if he goes on trial, will they bring Obama and Bush to court too for their own violent acts against nations?

The stupid.

It continues to taste like burning. 


False progress:

Normalization of:

Men in women's sports.

Myocarditis is fine.



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