Trump Helps To Brings Korea Together

You can just feel the pain in CNN's bull pen when they titled this:

"Trump deserves credit for Korean thaw"

Especially considered the 'he's mentally ill and has access to the nuclear button' is an accepted narrative on the left. Recall his unstable, erratic and impetuous behaviour was supposed to start WWIII.

If this shouldn't make some realize how shrill this was, nothing will.

As for crediting Trump for what's going on. I agree up to a point. I'm not sure exactly what he did, but he certainly moved things along probably sensing the timing was right to push North Korea like he did. It's probably a confluence of factors that lined up perfectly for his administration, but the fact remains this is the most significant development in world affairs since the fall of the Soviet empire.

And it happened under the one man the DNC and progressives continue to demonize and try and destroy. 

It's a good thing for American diplomacy. The DNC should back off.

"...The President and other key players in the initiative would also be shoo-ins for the Nobel Peace Prize -- and how Trump would love to join his nemesis Barack Obama on the list of honorees.Such plaudits, at best, are years away, and months of treacherous and intricate diplomacy looms if negotiators are to defy grim historical precedent. "

 Why? They gave one to Obama barely into his term and he proceeded to do precisely squat for peace except to flap and blab on about it. Trump's role on the other hand, is a factual achievement.

The Nobel committee also saw it fit to give one to Arafat.

It will be very interesting to see if they give one to Trump.

If they don't....yes....that will be intriguing to say the least.

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