America Should Call China's Bluff

China's nationalist bullying posture is in need of some friendly reminders.

And the Trump administration is all too wiling to give them.

China using international organizations they so routinely ignore to try and get the Americans to play ball is cute.

It is my contention the Americans have more leverage than they think when it comes to a possible trade-war with China. Sure, it should be avoided but if push came to shove, my money is with the most dynamic, prosperous and transparent economy the world has ever known.

Not a communist, close minded, rip-off ideas one ruled by a kleptocracy.

One, moreover, with a horrible human rights and environmental record and a little bit of a demographic problem.

It's only normal the American left will side with China. They never side with America. It's par for the course.

Recall the days when Japan was supposed to take over America back in the 1990s? My accounting professor even warned us to start learning Japanese.

Right then and there I knew it was bull shit.

Same here.

While I may not go as far as to call China a paper dragon or tiger, it's not as strong as people claim.

I trust India more than I do China.

Democracy and all that.

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