Morneau And Trudeau Classless Disdain For Canadians

I'm a pretty chill, reasonable guy. Over the years, yeah, politicians have annoyed me but it's gone into overdrive since Obama and Trudeau. I've never seen a more thin-skinned bunch of smart-alec left-wingers like these two buffoons.

Trudeau, as if this isn't enough, has a cabinet made up of mannequins who spew illogical and vapid platitudes. Among them "Climate Barbie" McKenna and Bill Morneau. The other half of the bobby twins.

When pressed and challenge they either skate (badly I might add especially in Trudeau's case) or resort to passive aggressive ad hominen. Morneau, for example, rather than answer questions like a professional (and a man), chose to call a woman a 'neanderthal' and then made a presumptuous wisecrack at a politician claiming he never read a balance sheet.

Who speaks this way? Someone with a potato wedged up his ass, that's who.

This edition of the Liberals do. I've never seen anything like it. They said Harper's conservatives were bad, but they never stooped to such levels. That was just, as usual, projection on the part of this sad, incompetent government.

If you hold people in such contempt Bill (and clearly you're a smug prick), why are you in government? What's your angle?

I do not accept your behaviour.

Step down. Resign.

Get lost if you're gonna act this way.

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