The Atlantic Are Intellectual Cowards

Or even just plain cowards.

So much for the 'diversity of ideas' experiment at The Atlantic.

They gave Kevin D. Williamson the old college try and realize they just can't tolerate divergent views. Never mind what he said. That was blown out of proportion and leave it to middling minds to misrepresent it.

The point is this once fabulous publication is just a shadow of its former self. Apparently, 'woke' of the vapid progressive variety is more their thang.

Coates and Valenti, two key loud mouth faux-intellectual SJW are all too happy of his dismissal. Proud even of their own parochial role in the episode.

Their titles say they're writers but what they really do is propaganda. This is why their writing is so bad.

It has no profound worth.

It's reminiscent of the student in university who enjoyed monopolizing  class time engaging in mental and verbal masturbation much to the chagrin of classmates. They'd spew all the right terms and jargon without much depth leading exactly where one would expect it to wind up: in a cul-de sac.

True substantial minds just rolled their eyes behind their backs. I suspect Obama was such a student.

Calderone took to Twitter splash-splashing a bunch of bull shit words to justify the cowardly act.

Alas, it's all for the better. I get the feeling left-wing progressive dinosaur publications increasingly losing the plot hire token conservatives as freak shows to laugh at and not to 'have a civil conversation' in good faith.

The only thing left to ponder is which of these useful idiot fly weights will be lined up against the wall first.

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