Give 'Em Hell Diamond & Silk!

Go after that punk Zuckerberg and the clowns who run Facebook and his disingenuous apologies with all your might! Is it me or does he seem so disconnected, aloof and distant from...people?

Zuckerberg (and his booster seat) claimed it was an 'enforcement error'. Which, of course, is bull shit. They knew damn well what they were doing. According to D&S, FB has not contacted them.

Now that gutless progressive is angling to allow Facebook to be regulated.

No kidding. With Congress and Facebook writing the new rules, what can possibly go wrong? Well, Zuckerberg will make out like a bandit because the government will all but ensure his monopoly - and with it any chance of competition. Innovation that can come in and spank his sorry ass. If you think these two entities hashing out their version of 'truth' is going to benefit people, dude read a damn history book already. This 'new technology' is now moving into the 'standard bureaucratized' stage of its evolution. Get used to it because this is what looks like is on the table since Zuckerberg really isn't all that principled. He's not resourceful, in this context, like say, Michael Corleone. He's just going to bow down to Congress. After all, he's on their side anyway - well Democrats. It's Hotel California.

Zuckerberg a) pretty much admitted they censor conservative (the Catholic church one really pisses me off)  and b) seemed way too uncomfortable and forced in his responses. Heck, he clearly wasn't clever enough to hide his bull shit. 

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