The Class Of Sidney Crosby

I'm not one to prop celebrities and athletes up as role models but the reality is people do. And if you're going to insist on one, I think Sidney Crosby is probably among the best super star in North American pro sports to fill that role.

When measured against other notable athletes, like Lebron James, Crosby towers about them all in my opinion and James in particular.

Where Crosby has the decency to keep his political opinions to himself and doesn't publicly argue with people on Twitter or disparage or get coaches fired, James is all to ready to engage in such activity. It's hard to imagine Crosby pulling that 'I'm taking my game to Miami' act a few years back like James did. Talk about insensitive and ill-advised.

For the past couple of yeas, James has come off looking like a selfish phony whose antics give the impression he's above the team.

James strikes me as someone who is uncomfortable in his own skin. I don't know why. It's just the perception. A player who yearns for some much attention and adulation it gets the better of his senses. He has a little A-Rod in him when you think of it.

I don't care how great you are. You're not the coach or owner of the team you represent and pays your salary. As such, there's a certain decorum that's expected of a true talented leader in my view.

Contrast this to Sidney Crosby who holds himself in exemplary fashion on and off the ice. The other day I heard a woman say, 'if my daughter met someone, I would like him to be like Sidney.'

That's saying a lot and by all accounts from what we've seen of him over the years, she may not be off the mark in her hopes.

It seems to be something particular to NHL players. All its legends tended to be of this character from Howe to Beliveau to Orr to Gretzky right up to the latest phenom Conor McDavid.

All - every single one of them - put the interest of their team above their ego.

Sidney is all about the team. He's all about respect and humility.

Something I just don't see in the brilliant athlete that is Lebron James.

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