Where Are You Going, Winston?

Shakespeare once said, in a book, 'kill all the lawyers!' And since then, lawyers are, with some justification, the butt end of many jokes depicting them as opportunistic parasites and such.

Well, there is another breed possibly worse than them I think.

Government experts.

Or in this case, government economists.

It's a swell gig for a control-freak statist. Think of it. Where better to push and pimp horrific ideas than within the halls and bosom of government?

'Say, you know what would be great to fight climate change? A carbon tax! High five!'

'Say, you know what would be great to fight combat obesity? A sugar tax! High five!'

'Say, you know what would be blah, blah, blah, garble, gobble, gibble....tax, tax, TAX! High five!'

I'm starting to believe academics who work for government are just rejects who couldn't possibly get their ideas passed through in the private sector where it would be properly scrutinized.

I surmise of course.


Get a load of this guy:

"...(Chad) Shirley said that one way to charge drivers more is to implement "vehicle-miles traveled charges."

Some members of Congress and some officials in the Obama administration have argued for years that a vehicle miles traveled tax, or a "VMT" tax, should be imposed in order to create more federal highway revenue. The Obama administration in 2011 floated a draft bill that would have created a VMT.

Among other things, that plan foresaw the installation of equipment on people's cars and trucks that would measure how far they drive, and the collection of taxes electronically through a reading of those devices at gas stations."

They're incredible these people. I'm not surprised Obama went for this really.

It's so filled with potential unintended consequences - first among them a screeching halt to parts of the economy that's on the road - think salespeople and truckers - it's ludicrous to even float this around. Not to mention deliciously creepy and 1984ish.

Just something makes 'sense' doesn't mean it's a good idea to implement; particularly when it comes to driving. The last activity of freedom we possess.

Now the government is talking about taking this away.

Again. This is something that goes beyond left, right or center. This is government exacting control (forget the bull shit about the need for more revenues about highways. They'd just waste it. And if this is their sloppy solution then we shouldn't be against handing maintenance over to the private sector. It's the only sane choice among these options) over a free people.

It must be fought and stopped.

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