Arbitrator Ludicrously Cuts Wideman's Suspension

Oh for fuck sakes. If you believe a single word Dennis Wideman said about him assaulting an unsuspecting referee you're an idiot.

And so is this arbitrator James Oldham. 

He knew what he was doing in my opinion. It's laughably clear to the point you're insane to not read the proper cues as soon as he hit the ref. It's comical listening to talking heads trip over themselves trying to find an excuse for why he did it. Worse, I keep hearing there are people out there who claim 20 games is excessive!

Wha? Heck, it's too little if anything. Call me old fashioned but I would have sat him out for the year.

It was deliberate and he needs to face the music and stop taking us for idiots.

The NHL has every right to be upset at this ruling.

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