Consumer Demand Drives Uber; Couillard And Coderre Negligent In Opposing Pipeline Project

People are still not grasping the significance of Uber.

Case in point Trudy Mason of CJAD radio asserted it was somehow the government's actions and policies in the Taxi industry that creates or gives life to company like Uber. Making the further claim it was a product of 'inorganic' demand. That is, it wasn't people in the free market making the decision.

She has it completely backwards.

It's consumers, through their apps, who are driving this new Taxi service. Uber, like all business, simply identify and satisfy a demand. This is how business works.

That the government creates a superficial monopoly charging extortion rates for the privilege of buying a permit is inconsequential and independent to Uber and its existence. No one forced cab drivers in the age of Uber to fork over good money to get a permit. For decades Taxis benefited from a 'captured' market and now that train is over.

Even the regulations are irrelevant to the extent it shouldn't impede new players into a market. Like we need immigration to keep our innovative and cultural juices going, we need entrepreneurs to be encouraged to take risks; not discouraged because of fabricated barriers to entry. Have them follow the rules and get out of the way. People will ultimately decide if they survive. They will also choose who wins between Uber and Lyft. Choice is the key.

In case you haven't noticed, I don't support the government compensating cab drivers for allowing Uber into the market since it's my position the government shouldn't be involved in business to begin with.  All they do is lay waste and inefficiency for consumers and taxpayers alike. See subsidized daycare or any other business that needs a permit to operate.

The fact is, Uber and its competitors like Lyft have already ushered in a new way of doing business and they've shown they have the guts and funds to challenge the government in the courts - and they're appropriately winning.

This is nothing but great for consumers and our economy.

Fighting them is an exercise in legal and intellectual futility.


Couillard and Coderre are abdicating their responsibilities to our society. In opposing pipelines, they're are essentially engaging in a dereliction of duty for political expediency.

The idea they would prevent such a project based on a 'worst case scenario' angle is ludicrous. Why not just apply a grotesque version of the 'precautionary principle' in everything we do in business? There's risk in everything we do. We're just, surprise, arbitrarily picking and choosing which we "think" are most dangerous or in this case, politically safe in order to keep environmentalists happy for some reason.

As for the pipeline itself, it's pretty much as safe as it can get and a better alternative than transporting it through trucks, railways and ships. 

Canada is natural resources. We made that bed long ago and to act like this is not so is obscene and quite frankly dangerous for society at large who depend on oil and gas to exist.

Politicians who oppose this project are negligent.




The truth is humans (and consumers) progress and usually, they've progressed by overcoming reactionary and preventative powers of the state.

We succeed in spite of them.

And it will be no different here.

That's what Uber is showing us right before our eyes.

It's a beautiful sight to behold indeed.

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