Castro Destroyed Cuba

I support the lifting of sanctions on Cuba and so far President Obama has lifted restrictions on Americans only which is fair enough but I'm not convinced an official visit was necessary. Optics and perception and all that. It strikes me as, well, somewhat ill-advised. Then again, it did work for Reagan and Gorbachev.

In my view though, Fidel Castro is a criminal for his actions in Cuba leaving the island essentially destitute. He created a Cuban diaspora and with it depriving Cuba at a chance for a prosperous future.

Instead, everyone is equally poor in Cuba.

Those of us who celebrate this development should keep in mind it came at a great cost. Think of all the Cubans who were robbed and escaped Castro's revolution. It is he and he alone who made Cuba what it is. Not sanctions given Cuba was trading with Canada and the EU.

Never mind that Cuba continues to crush dissent imprisoning its own citizens. Which is why Obama should mention it but likely won't. I just hope we won't see slurpy, silly photos of him and Michelle holding hands walking the streets of Havana pretending all is swell because we all know it isn't.

We'll find out soon enough if this was simply a 'look at me' vacation for the President and his family.

In other words, I'm not gonna go 0 to 60 on this one. It is improper to just look at this from one perspective - that is, through reestablished contact between the United States and Cuba. Rather, we should consider all the damage done to people who didn't ask for it and in the process lost their possessions and were forced to start a life elsewhere.

Keep the celebrations in check and proceed cautiously.

But the hope for the future has arrived. And one day, American capital and innovation will restore Cuba to its rightful place as a free nation.

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