Saskatoon Loses Its Mind On Bullying; NYC Lost Its Mind Long Ago

"It could soon be an offence in Saskatoon to bully anyone at school, or in any public place such as a shopping mall or playground, if city council passes a proposed bylaw."

Let me stop right here.

It should be clear to anyone this is a terrible, awful idea. An accident of unintended consequences waiting to happen.

What are these people thinking? Do they not see slowly but surely the 1984 world they're building?

Tap yourselves on the bum Saskatoon all you want but this shit is scarier than the bullying itself.


"Introduced by Councilwoman Inez Barron (D-Brooklyn), the bill would mean that restaurants with seating areas must post a sign explaining “the risks of excessive intake of sugars and other carbohydrates for people with diabetes and pre-diabetes.”

Failing to put up the poster, which would be required to be made available in different languages, could mean up to a $500 fine for violators."

/face palm.

These people are destructive in their stupidity.

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