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Mayor Coderre is boasting about the bans on plastic bags and soon bottles he's imposing on the city.

I wouldn't be too proud.

To me, it's all rooted in anti-science stupidity.


I was at Pharmaprix today buying some items. The lady set them aside and I paid. She handed me the bill and said 'Merci'. She didn't ask if I needed a bag nor do I feel I should have to ask for one like a beggar.

So when I politely asked for one when I saw she wasn't going to give me one she responded curtly en francais, 'next time please mention it before so that way I can charge .5 cents.'

Could you believe that shit? She didn't do her job and I'm to blame? Is it my fault I don't want to walk out with several items in my arms like a hobo as people stare?

All because of this Luddite nonsense of banning plastic bags.

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