Obama's Visit Notwithstanding, Cuba Still Run By Thugs And Liars

While it's all fine and dandy Obama has attempted to normalize relations with Cuba (though he hasn't exactly articulated how he plans to do this), it's best to recall Cuba is still a communist dictatorship.

Raul Castro had the balls to lie to the world but thankfully the Internet keeps boneheads like him and his brother honest:

"The human rights situation in Cuba is going from bad to worse under Obama’s blank check for the Castro regime.

"For the 31st Sunday in a row, nearly 300 Cuban dissidents were arrested as they tried to attend Mass, then peacefully demonstrate as part of the #TodosMarchamos (#WeAllMarch) campaign.
In Havana, nearly 100 members of The Ladies in White — the renowned group composed of the wives, daughters, mothers and other relatives of Cuban political prisoners — were arrested.
Among those arrested was its leader, Berta Soler, who on Friday was threatened by Castro’s secret police that “her time in the opposition had come to an end.”


You know, the more I think of Pierre Trudeau and his relationship with Castro, the more I'm disgusted with him and the Canadian government over the years where Cuba was concerned. Did we exert enough pressure to have Cuba face their pitiful human rights abuses?

I bring up Pierre because his son Justin has been known to praise dictators and now seeks a seat on the UN Security Council. Would he use this position to urge Cuba to come clean?

I doubt it.

And the more I consider Obama's visit, the more I have reservations because I don't trust Obama to have the interests of Cubans at heart. At all.

The truth is people still romanticize Cuba looking at the music, the people, the beaches, architecture and quaint scenery. Never once realizing this romanticism they adore is rooted in decadence brought up by decades of evil communist dictatorships. They ruined lives more than they advanced a civilization.

People like the Ladies in White are fighting for the rights of the Cuban people be restored. What side are we on? What side are you on?

I know where I stand.

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