Remember When Obama Supprters Used Violent Rhetoric?

It's largely forgotten amidst are tire and short memories but not me, man. Me, I remember.

Lord me don't get me going on David Brooks and his latest on Trump.

The smug, sensitive, incoherence of a faux-conservative brain is too much for me to handle at the moment.


Speaking of insufferable nonsense.

"There followed a meditation on leadership: "I think people look for leadership, and define it many times, as when someone says something that they disagree with, but that they suspect is probably right. I mean, as a leader, I look for opportunities to challenge folks."

Mediation? I mean, like, wut? I've read this quote three times and it makes no sense to me.

His idea of 'challenging folks' is to force them to accept the tired, stale progressive world view. 

"...Michael Bloomberg, the man who recently declined to play the centrist saviour of American politics, likened Trudeau to John F. Kennedy and hailed him as a forward-thinking leader set to make smart investments in infrastructure and greening the Canadian economy."

Is Bloomberg retarded? 

Nanny-statist-progressive protecting his own I guess. I'm glad the comments are having none of it.

The CBC should just call itself Pravda for the rest of Trudeau's tenure and be done with it already. If propaganda puff pieces is what they want so be it. 

Privatize and not on my dime.

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