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"Goose Gossage, a giant bag of gas that somehow figured out how to grow a mustache, f-bombed his way through the landscape of modern baseball Thursday. In an interview with ESPN, he managed to deride the single best moment of the 2015 season, tie the actions of one man to the shame of an entire ethnicity, advocate for concussions, praise pitches intended to injure opponents, yearn for the days that left pitchers' arms in shambles because of overuse and disparage people far smarter than he'll ever be. It was a glorious festival of buffoonery."

Well done Mr. Jeff Passan of Yahoo! Sports.

Let me add I'm not convinced Gossage should be in the Hall of Fame either.


You messed it up with:

"Contrast that with the second-most-iconic snapshot of the season: Jonathan Papelbon throttling Harper ostensibly because he didn't run out a groundball. It epitomized pettiness, showcased everything wrong with the game's unwritten rules that govern the thinking of Gossage and so many others...."

You run out the ball and you get Papelbon's in all sports who believe you need to hustle until the play is done. Period. Papelbon may be a bonehead but he's right to demand 100% out of your teammate.

"...maybe Gossage and those of his ilk someday will understand that and appreciate baseball for what it wants to be: something that can compete with football and everything else that has stolen the game's market share by appealing to young fans, be it with bat flips or anything else that might not dovetail with tradition. Maybe, in fact, it's a good thing that he is compelled to rant and rave about the current state of the game. If Gossage doesn't like it anymore, he's more than welcome to stop watching. Baseball has enough fans who are old, white men."

Seriously? You close with a bigoted stereotype?

Count me in as one of those 'soon to be old white men' and I won't be silenced! 

I've grown a tad tired of the 'nouveau critical theory intellectualism' whereby anything white and male is open game for criticism or worse.

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